Squid Game star sky rockets as Instagram’s fastest growing star

Alexander Frolov, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of HypeAuditor

HypeAuditor has revealed that HoYeon Jung, who features in Netflix hit series, Squid Game as No. 067 has grown her Instagram account by 12.5m followers since the show launched.

Jung’s Instagram account grew from 410k on September 17th to 13m followers on October 4th.

This makes Jung’s Instagram account the fastest growing account, surpassing Cristiano Ronaldo (@cristiano), Lionel Messi (@leomessi) and Kylie Jenner (kyliejenner). 

HypeAuditor examines The Netflix Effect

The release of Bridgerton thrust Rege Jean Page and Phoebe Dynevor into the spotlight. The Netflix effect led to the two stars generating millions of followers after the series’ release. 

The Netflix effect strikes again with the global success of Squid Game which is the first Korean drama to top Netflix’s top 10 weekly most watched TV show charts globally and in the UK. 

Other Squid Game actors have also seen their following skyrocket since the series’ release.

Wi Ha Jun who plays as a Police Officer and Lee Yoo-mi who plays as No. 240, complete the top five of the fastest growing Instagram accounts since 17th September. 

Following the release of Squid Game, the fastest growing accounts are listed below.

1 HoYeon Jung  + 12.5m followers
2 Cristiano Ronaldo + 7.7m followers
3 Leo Messi + 5.5m followers
4 Wi Ha Jun + 5.2m followers
5 Lee Yoo-mi + 4.4m followers

HypeAuditor, in their examination of The Netflix Effect discovered that HoYeon Jung’s Instagram posts were receiving 1.4 million likes and 4.2 thousand comments on average.

Impressively, almost 21% of Jung’s followers either like or comment on her content. This engagement is exceptionally high, with similar accounts receiving 1.26% engagement. 

HypeAuditor’s comments on The Netflix Effect

Alexander Frolov, the CEO and co-founder of HypeAuditor shed more light on this growth.

“Social media, specifically Instagram is Netflix’s major promotion channel for TV shows.” 

“HypeAuditor found out that by the end of 2020 calendar year, many actors from other blockbuster Netflix Shows were among the top 100 growing accounts of the year.”

“Last year, both Millie Bobby Brown from Stranger Things gained 9.7m subscribers and Zendaya Maree Stoermer from Euphoria also grew by 18.2m subscribers in 2020.”

“For any Instagram accounts experiencing a sudden surge in followers, it’s crucial for brands to analyse the quality of the audience before seeking any partnership with the influencers.”

“By only seeking collaborations with social media influencers that offer an authentic following, brands can ensure that the success of their influencer marketing strategy is guaranteed.”