Sportility collaborates with national brands to support the future of grassroots sports in Australia

World-first online sponsorship platform, Sportility has partnered with national brands including Optus, uno Home Loans, 86 400, Petzyo and CareerOne, to support the future of Australia’s grassroots sporting community. 

Through its unique ‘One-Click’ sponsorship model, Sportility reduces gear costs for grassroots sporting teams by matching them directly to brand sponsors.  

With sport and outdoor activity currently suspended due to COVID-19, Sportility’s national brand partners are also helping sporting teams, clubs and associations with cash-back offers and redeemable incentives to further reduce costs and provide support for their players and members.

Currently, there are over 80,000 members connecting directly with sponsors on the Sportility platform.

What is the inspiration behind Sportility?

Adam Hyman, CEO and Co-Founder of Sportility said that they have been inundated with clubs and sporting associations looking for guidance during this difficult time.

“As a business built on the close connections we have within the sporting industry, we want to ensure our grassroots sports community has the support it needs to grow and thrive in the future.”

“Along with our brand partners, we are constantly engaging with teams, clubs and associations to find solutions, reduce costs as much as possible, and boost morale amongst players and members.”

By instantly accessing elite-level sponsors such as Optus, teams and players pay no more than $15 per gear item. Sportility has also enhanced communications between player and sponsor, with a unique QR code on packaging to drive them directly to redeem sponsored offers.

To further enhance revenue, teams and clubs can set up a free Gear Shop within the Sportility platform and generate revenue by selling their discounted gear at marked-up prices to generate profit. There are no upfront costs and gear is based on demand so they never have to hold stock.

“It wouldn’t be Australia without grassroots sports, so we are proud to work with our national brands to support its future, particularly during these uncertain, challenging times,” concluded Hyman.

What national brands on the platform so far?

Optus: The second largest telecommunications company in Australia and a wholly owned subsidiary of Singaporean company Singtel. Through its Optus ‘Yes’ brand, it provides broadband, and wireless internet services. Other wholesale services include Satellite and 4G Mobile.

uno Home Loans: On a mission to improve Australian’s financial health, uno is helping Australians find and stay on the best value home loan.

86 400: With no physical branches, Australian neobank, 86 400 is set up to challenge the current banking industry, providing Australians with a real alternative to the big four.

Petzyo: As a direct to consumer pet food supplier, Petzyo is delivering premium, natural pet food to Australian doorsteps.

CareerOne: Online job listing provider, CareerOne helps job seekers from start to finish from resume tips to personalised job-matching technology.

Wisr: Personal loans made easy by providing Australians with a marketplace for highly competitive, unsecured loans with competitively low interest rates.

Adzuna:As a search engine for job advertisements, Adzuna aggregates jobs from thousands of sources, giving users an all-in-one location for recruitment and job offerings.

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