Solidus Labs unveils HALO: A crypto-native market integrity hub

Asaf Meir, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Solidus Labs

Solidus Labs, the category-definer for crypto-native market integrity solutions, announced the launch of HALO, a testable trade surveillance and market integrity hub tailored for digital assets. HALO’s launch will be instrumental in shaping the future of financial risk monitoring.

Built from the ground up to bridge the gap between crypto and traditional finance, HALO provides Wall-Street grade crypto-native regulatory risk and compliance solutions.

Why are institutions choosing Solidus Labs’ HALO?

Financial institutions are relying on HALO as they expand into new revenue opportunities offered by digital assets. Beyond a growing client-base of crypto and DeFi businesses, HALO is set to offer gov’t agencies tools to create transparency, enable innovative regulatory frameworks and ensure safe and regulated crypto financial services in their jurisdictions.

The platform addresses numerous crypto-specific challenges, like new market structures, volatility, volumes, data types, decentralized services, trading dynamics, crypto-native market abuse typologies – and evolving business and regulatory demands.

“Crypto’s potential to make financial services accessible, transparent, liquid and efficient, depends on futuristic financial risk monitoring that enables the merits of digital assets, while surgically mitigating its many new risks,” said Asaf Meir, Founder and CEO of Solidus Labs.

“HALO does that by unifying formerly disparate risk data points, and continually monitoring that data in real-time, creating a behavioral-based universal client risk profile that allows our clients to focus on real risk, in real-time, throughout the investment journey.”

Combining cutting edge machine learning tech and decades of traditional financial risk know-how and best practices, HALO is uniquely tailored to address the “triple T” pillars of market integrity in the crypto – trade surveillance, transaction monitoring, and threat intelligence.

What are HALO’s unique modules?

HALO’s modules include:

Trade Surveillance

HALO’s comprehensive market surveillance tools ensure market integrity by benchmarking abnormal crypto orders and execution patterns against the market norm, to alert businesses and networks on potential breaches of trading rules or unusual market volatility.

HALO users can easily customize detection model sensitivity and backtest against real data in order to meet the needs of quickly evolving regulatory and compliance landscapes.

Transaction monitoring

HALO’s real-time monitoring of crypto and fiat transactions offers blockchain-native capabilities and enables detecting, investigating and reporting suspicious crypto deposits and withdrawals for anti-money laundering (AML), sanctions, and financial risk compliance.

Threat Intelligence

Relying on a built-in onboarding verification tool, powerful integrations and crypto-native infrastructure, HALO’s Universal Client Risk Profile aggregates risk across the entire investment journey – from onboarding to trading, post-trade and everything in between.

Synthesizing numerous signals into a single threat intelligence hub, HALO surfaces overlooked threats in crypto and DeFi services, enabling businesses to act upon them in real time.

HALO currently protects more than 25 million retail and institutional investors globally, and is actively used to monitor over one trillion events per day. The platform deploys over 50 different proprietary market abuse typologies, shielding investors and safeguarding crypto businesses from new threats unique to the crypto and decentralized finance space.

“Since our founding, our deepest commitment has been to enable a safer crypto ecosystem. HALO brings us one step closer while taking user experience to the next level, empowering risk and compliance teams and allowing crypto businesses to grow safer,” Meir said.

“It’s a culmination of thousands of hours of work with crypto teams and discussions with regulators, fulfilling our vision of harnessing crypto not only as an opportunity to transform financial services, but also as an opportunity to take financial risk monitoring into the future.”

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