SolarWinds announces updates to its innovative Transform Partner Program

Chad Reese, President of Sales and Global Channel Chief at SolarWinds
Chad Reese, President of Sales and Global Channel Chief at SolarWinds

SolarWinds, a global provider of simple, powerful, secure observability and information technology (IT) management software, announced new updates to its Transform Partner Program designed to accelerate growth and drive revenue for partners, including increased benefits, a new go-to-market approach, new revenue pools, cloud marketplaces, and more.

What is the mission behind SolarWinds’ program?

SolarWinds launched its Transform Partner Program last year to enable industry-leading tech partners to better support their clients’ digital transformation and innovation efforts. On the heels of the program’s success, SolarWinds is seeking new ways to better support partners.

This includes allowing partners to qualify for top tiers more easily and increased access to new revenue opportunities and benefits. The program will also offer additional opportunities for partners, flexibility in how partners can achieve their targets, and specialisation options and benefits for Database and information technology management software products.  

“We are pleased with the positive response from partners about how SolarWinds Transform Partner Program is helping them grow their business. It has had an amazing impact on both our business and our partners’ success, with a strong Net Promoter Score demonstrating positive feedback from partners. That’s why we are adding even more improvements to our channel offerings this year,” said Chad Reese, President of Sales and Global Channel Chief.

What does the program mean for partners?

“What I like about the Transform Partner Program is that it elevates the engagement of our partners and it shows that SolarWinds is strongly committed to the channel community,” commented Reese Balbastro, Deputy Country Manager, M-Security Tech Philippines Inc.

The unique SolarWinds Transform Partner Program creates greater opportunities for shared growth by making it more straightforward for global partners to offer their customers revolutionary SolarWinds tech solutions, including comprehensive full-stack observability powered by AIOps, database, service management, security, and automation capabilities.

With over 300,000 customers, including 96% of the Fortune 500®, SolarWinds delivers simple, secure, AI-powered solutions. The Transform Partner Program allows partners to leverage SolarWinds offerings to help drive digital transformation for their clients, enhancing operational efficiency, optimising performance, and strengthening their IT infrastructure.