Social enterprise Just Gold named as finalist for accelerating women

Kyriakos Gold, the Chief Executive Officer of Just Gold Digital Agency

Just Gold has been named a Victorian finalist in the 2022 Telstra Best of Business Awards.

Over 24,000 businesses were nominated, and Just Gold Digital Agency was selected by judges for accelerating women and shaping Australia’s economic, social and cultural prosperity.

The accelerating women category showcases businesses that excel and who are actively challenging exclusion and inequality to create meaningful and lasting equity for women.

Just Gold’s inspiring journey in the marketing industry

Just Gold combines a full-service consultancy, creative agency and social enterprise. 

The disruptive social enterprise works with a multitude of organisations, Government, private businesses and other social enterprises to deliver strategic communications, production and creative commercial solutions while enhancing their ethical footprint.

Founder Kyriakos Gold’s vision began over a decade ago with some complex questions.

What if people could achieve representation and connect with like-minded people using digital tools and content creation? What if they could achieve social change without relying on traditional structures, simply by empowering themselves?

He built a network of professionals who understand the needs of minorities and empowers them to design solutions with a vision to give access to opportunity and information.

Just Gold aims for women empowerment

Empowering women is a core tenet of the business and to ensure the progress of this strategy, 80% of Just Gold employees are women including leaders in the education sector.

Just Gold also offers internship opportunities to like-minded students from across the country working as an industry partner with RMIT University and the University of Adelaide.

Just Gold has pioneered projects highlighting issues affecting women which are routinely swept under the rug. The social enterprise has championed a national gender and age equity project with an impressive network of key partners and stakeholders.

The Invisible Woman” is a social partnership with Melbourne and secured the support of the City of Adelaide, Good Shepherd, The University of Adelaide and RMIT University.

The project tackles the gender inequity facing women above fifty and are nudged to the sidelines, forgotten, undervalued thus devastating economic impact and affecting well-being.

The project ensures that all people participate in the social, cultural, economic and civic life featuring face to face consultations and engaging with businesses that commit to action.

Just Gold produces an online resource to connect women and businesses nationwide with a monthly newsletter, a docuseries and a podcast to empower women to share their stories.

Just Gold proud to be considered for the awards

Kyriakos Gold, the CEO of Just Gold Digital Agency offered additional insights.

“We’re proud to be a Telstra Best of Business Finalist in the accelerating women category as good business begins with looking after our people, community, and environment.”

“That’s the path to sustainable business and Telstra recognises that in their selection process. We are creating a national movement to better the lives of Australian women.”

“The impact will be evident in the coming year as we see more women connect with each other, build online communities, and become increasing visible in the public sphere.”

“Research showed that women residing in Melbourne were hardest hit and are taking the longest to recover financially and socially from the lengthy lockdowns.”

“We are therefore using this digital platform in order to fight for equal opportunity for women of all ages across Australia and to create better, more inclusive societies.”

The Telstra Best of Business Awards are the most reputable business awards and Just Gold team is delighted to be recognised for their work in driving positive change in gender equality.