Soaring demand for NFT and Web 3.0 experts lucrative for freelancers

Peggy de Lange, Vice President of International Expansion of Fiverr

Aussie freelancers are ahead when it comes to supplying NFTs and Web 3.0 services and are capitalising on the exploding demand, according to freelancer marketplace platform, Fiverr.

Globally, Fiverr has seen a 278% surge in freelancers listing gigs for NFT services between Q3 to Q4 of 2021 and a 374% rise in earnings from Web 3.0 tech by its freelance community.

Australian freelancers ahead of the pack

Aussie freelancers are ahead in terms of profiting, with 84% citing that they were already offering NFT, compared to 77% of German-based, and 64% of U.S. based freelancers.

57% of the Aussie freelancers said they can see themselves earning an additional AUD$1,900 to AUD$6,000 per month from monetizing their skills related to Web 3.0 technology.

“NFTs are becoming a fantastic way for illustrators, artists, designers and developers on our site to monetize their skills and work with businesses and individuals investing in this space,” said Peggy de Lange, Vice President of International Expansion of Fiverr.

“The fact that 4 in 5 Aussie freelancers are already earning by selling NFTs and related services, gives foresight that freelance talent has in staying on top of technology trends.”

“It also shows the massive economic opportunity that NFTs, and related services, such as blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and the Metaverse, have for the freelance economy.”

Themes to note from the global research survey

Several key themes around NFTs and the Metaverse emerged from the data include:

Freelancers are pioneers in utilising emerging digital technologies

  • 84% of Aussie freelancers have already profited from the sale of NFT-related services.
  • 52% have profited from the sale of metaverse-related services.
  • To add to that, 97% of respondents said they plan to adapt their current offerings based on the growth they’ve seen in this space.
  • 57% said that they can see themselves earning an additional $1,000 to $6,000 per month by monetizing their Web 3.0 related skills.

Younger men lead in NFTs, women are out-earned in the metaverse

Men are taking advantage of the NFT craze slightly more than women.

  • 48% of men and 48% of women said they had profited from NFTs.
  • 98% of males to adapt their services due to Web3 growth compared to females (93%).
  • Males feel they have higher earning potential (70%) saying they feel they can earn an additional $1,900 to $6,000 more per month through NFT and Metaverse-related services Vs female freelancers(64%) who feel they can add that much to their monthly income.
  • Men (54%) out-earn women in the Metaverse with male freelancers claiming to have earned from the sale of metaverse-related services compared to 47% female freelancers.

There is an age gap, but not as much as people might think

The older respondents are, the more likely they are to have profited from Metaverse.

  • 58% of respondents aged 55+ claim to have profited from the Metaverse, where as only 45% of the respondents ages 25-34 made a similar claim.
  • With NFT profits, these two age groups are close, with 49% of respondents aged 55+ profiting from NFT services and 49% aged 25- 34 profiting from NFT related services.
  • 50% of respondents aged 16-24 said they had profited from NFT related services, but 0% in that age group said they had profited from metaverse related services.

Many optimistic about chance, but not ignorant to Web3’s challenges

  • 43% are concerned about privacy and cyber threats
  • 40% are concerned about regulation or lack-there-of
  • 41% believe there is lack of knowledge and insight around this space
  • Another 38% are fearful for the lack of in-person connection that comes with Web3.