Snap Inc. launches Spotlight, web platform for Snapchat’s user-generated entertainment content

Snap Inc. announced new tools, workflows  and monetization  opportunities  to support Creators’ growth on Snapchat. Story Studio is Snap’s new standalone app that offers powerful editing tools to make professional content for mobile, on mobile.

It’s a fast and fun way to make more advanced, engaging vertical videos  that share right to Snapchat – and anywhere  else. Built for Creators, Story Studio offers insights  into trends happening on Snapchat. It is launching later this year on iOS and will be available for free.

The app’s suite of tools and features include:

  • Insights  into trending #Topics, Sounds and Lenses across Snapchat
  • Access to Snap’s robust catalog of licensed music and audio  clips for use in video projects
  • Frame-precise trimming, slicing  and cutting, as well as frame-precise placement of creative elements like captions, stickers, sounds and other media layers
  • Visual  effects using Snap’s unique AR technology via Lenses and cross-clip transitions
  • The ability to save  and edit projects  until you’re ready  to share
  • Direct posting finished video to Spotlight or Stories (via Creative Kit), download to your camera roll, or open it in other installed apps
  • Easy login with Snapchat (via Login Kit)

Spotlight is rolling out globally, reaching 125 million monthly active users. The number of Spotlight viewers for at least 10 minutes per day grew by over 70% from January to March.

Snap continues  to offer millions per month to reward Snapchatters for their creativity. Since launching in November, over 5,400 Creators have earned  more than $130 million dollars.

What will Snapchatters gain from Spotlight?

Snap’s new destination allows watching Spotlight content, even without a Snapchat account.

Creators and brands  who lean on desktop tools like Final Cut Pro can easily upload content into Spotlight directly from Chrome or Safari, even in high-definition 4k video resolution.

Snap is expanding the monetization opportunities available to Creators through a new feature called Gifting, and offering new ways for fans to connect with their favorite Creators.

A Gift is a show of support Creators can receive from their fans who want to build meaningful personal relationships with them through Story Replies, which are direct messages a Creator can choose to repost to start a broader conversation around the topics they love.

Creators have control over the types of messages they receive with custom filtering, so conversations stay respectful  and fun.

Our Creator community uses  Story Replies as a way to build stronger relationships and engage with their fans. In the Middle East, where the Creator community is thriving, over 90% of Snap Stars receive Story Replies from their fans.

When a subscriber sees  a Snap that brings  delight to their day, they can purchase Snap Tokens to send a Gift, and kick start a conversation with the Snap Stars they love.

Snap Stars earn a share of the revenue from Gifts received through Story Replies. Gifting will start to roll out to Snap Stars later this year on Android  and iOS.