Australia’s SMS gateway SMSGlobal celebrates 15 years of operation

Carl Krumins, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of SMSGlobal

One of Australia’s first business-grade SMS gateway providers, SMSGlobal is this year celebrating its 15th anniversary since getting into Australia. With over half a million users globally, the company is tasked with sending more than 1.2 billion SMS messages each year.

Founded in 2007 by 2013 Ernst & Young its Entrepreneur of The Year nominee Carl Krumins, SMSGlobal quickly grew into an international operation, providing mobile messaging, platform development solutions and API for businesses, now in every country around the world.

What is SMSGlobal’s startup memior?

Krumins, who conceived the company as a start-up from his garage, remembers the early days when the bulk SMS messaging industry was dominated by just a few big players.

“There were a few companies dominating the space then, and charging a significant amount per SMS message. I saw a gap and wanted to create a better platform that focused on tailored customer service to differentiate my business from the competition,” Krumins said.

“I always had the mindset of shifting from an Australian company, to a global company.”

After starting the company in his garage at home, Krumins’ vision of making it on the international stage manifested quickly. 2009 was a defining year for SMSGlobal. Krumins opened the company’s first international office in Dubai. As a meeting point for business in the East and West, this nabled SMSGlobal to establish a new client base in Europe and the UK.

When did SMSGlobal receive its market breakthrough?

Industry recognition occurred in 2010 when SMSGlobal was announced as winner of Mobile Company of the Year at Australia’s Mobile Industry Awards. This was further enhanced with the procurement of contracts with some of the world’s most reputable organisations – including Microsoft, Etihad, Samsung and IBM further cementing its dominance in the space.

In 2012, the company’s philosophy was to continue reinvesting into people and tech. SMSGlobal introduced an API suite, which enabled the streamlining of communication for clients to integrate core functionality into any application environment they wish.

In 2013, they underwent a significant brand transformation. This involved the launch of a new website, the reputable MXT platform, and continuous advancements in API functionality.
The following years saw vast international expansion across the world, with a focus on the North American market; with technology improvements for their SMS services platform.

What does the future hold for SMSGlobal?

SMSGlobal’s services were vital during the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, helping businesses and gov’t remain connected during this time of social isolation across the globe.

Krumins believes the next 15 years will hold as much success for the company.

“Because of the way businesses operate in the current landscape, SMS will continue to remain relevant. It’s still the most effective way for businesses to communicate with their audience. In terms of what the future holds – we’re looking forward to further developing our voice communications offering and soon-to-be-released email platform,” he said.

SMSGlobal has 3 core offices; in Melbourne (AU), San Diego (USA) and Dubai (UAE).