Smartsheet brings teams together to unlock potential at ENGAGE 2023

Mark Mader, Smartsheet Chief Executive Officer
Mark Mader, Chief Executive Officer at Smartsheet

Smartsheet will unveil new features and capabilities that empower attendees to plan, do, and scale their work to unlock greater organizational potential. With over 65 sessions to choose from, attendees can learn the basics in a dedicated track for beginner Smartsheet users or take part in a new series of advanced sessions for those who live and breathe the platform.

What can attendees expect from ENGAGE 2023?

Get market insight and actionable tips

Smartsheet product experts, customers, and partners will provide market insights, industry expertise, and actionable tips across our customers’ most important use cases, including:

  • Simplifying, standardizing, and scaling projects and portfolios with modern project and portfolio management in sessions like “Assess and grow your PPM maturity” and “Delivering actionable insights to your leadership team;”
  • Accelerating and scaling campaigns, content, and creative work through marketing and creative management in sessions like “The AI content revolution” and “How marketing organizations are using Smartsheet to do more;” and
  • Using technology for strategic transformation to speed up systemic change and growth in sessions like “Using Smartsheet to drive transformation” and “Communicating the value of your transformation program to leaders and peers.”

Also, you’ll hear from leaders at brands like ADP, Goodwill® Industries, and Sodexo about how Smartsheet has solved business problems in Modern Project & Portfolio Management, Marketing and Creative Management, and Strategic Transformation categories respectively.

Get Smartsheet Certification for PMI

Attendees can also sharpen their skills with pre-conference training and test their proficiency with Smartsheet certification exams that qualify for Professional Development Units from PMI:

  • Prior to the official start of the conference, attendees can participate in a full day of training workshops on Monday, September 18, 2023, built around a curated curriculum that dives into the most helpful and frequently used Smartsheet capabilities including the core application, project management, and enterprise-grade Control Center solutions; and
  • Throughout the conference, attendees can validate their Smartsheet knowledge with three Certification options: Core Product Certification focused on Smartsheet basics, Project Management Certification focused on project management best practices, and System Administrator Certification focused on testing the abilities of a System Admin.

What makes ENGAGE 2023 an industry benchmark?

Commenting on the event, Mark Mader, Chief Executive Officer of Smartsheet said, “Almost every industry, company, and customer is at an inflection point caused by a multitude of factors from new technologies like Generative AI to the need to drive higher investment yield.”

Jennifer Hilber, Business Architect at Convergint Technologies
Jennifer Hilber, Business Architect at Convergint Technologies

Commenting on Smartsheet’s ENGAGE 2023, Jennifer Hilber, a Business Architect with global delivery at Convergint, Overachiever alumni said, “ENGAGE is where the Smartsheet community comes to life–whether it’s hearing how someone is using the platform in creative ways or unlocking new user skills, the energy and value you get from the conference is inspiring.”

“The best part is getting to see product feedback in form of new features in the months following the conference. Clearly Smartsheet builds its platform with clients like me in mind.”

Tickets are almost sold out. Register today for Smartsheet’s ENGAGE 2023.