Smart WFM appoints Chloe Rees as its first Head of Customer Success

Chloe Rees, Head of Customer Success at Smart WFM
Chloe Rees, Head of Customer Success at Smart WFM

Global human capital management (HCM) consultancy, Smart WFM, has appointed HR digital transformation leader Chloe Rees to the newly created role of Head of Customer Success.

What does Rees bring to her new role at Smart WFM?

Chloe Rees brings a wealth of HR technology experience from companies including Coles Group, Allianz, Ambulance Victoria and AAMI. Her primary focus is aligning customers’ operating models and processes with workforce management (WFM) and human capital management (HCM) technologies that make sense for their business and people.

Rees has already made significant strides helping Smart WFM to secure contracts, with a major Australian insurance provider and a gaming and resorts organisation, where she has engaged with clients to help them accelerate their business case for HR transformation.

Additionally, Rees is also strengthening Smart WFM’s broader partnership model developing relationships with key leaders in Human Resources, payroll and workforce management.

Rees’ hire comes at a time where Australian employers are facing increased scrutiny from the Fair Work Ombudsman, as cases of underpayments by big employers have skyrocketed. “Underpayments are usually accidental, resulting from a mix of complicated awards, poor timekeeping methods, manual payroll processes and inadequate payroll controls,” said Rees.

“Automating these processes, where possible, is a natural next step for most employers to mitigate risk, become more strategic in their WFM practices, and improve employee experience. The challenge is implementing the technology the right way that most effectively harnesses it to complement the organisation’s operating model and business objectives.”

“Now, more than ever, Australian companies need partners who not only have a deep and specialised understanding of the technology, but who also understand the bigger picture.”

What does this mean for Smart WFM?

“Chloe’s deep HR tech insights and experience across a variety of industries mean she can help major firms understand and unpack all the complex moving parts within transformation projects. It’s a layer of support that isn’t easily found with vendors or other partners and it’s been a major lift for our customers straight away,” said Smart WFM CEO Jarrod McGrath.

With the newly created role, McGrath will now focus on expanding Smart WFM’s global business and developing new resources for customers and the industry. This includes a modern learning institute to equip people with the right amount of ‘digital muscle’ to lead world-class companies and adapt to unexpected changes such as artificial intelligence.

Jarrod McGrath, Chief Executive Officer at Smart WFM
Jarrod McGrath, Chief Executive Officer at Smart WFM

“In our industry, there’s often a tendency to drop and run once the sales cycle is complete, leaving customers in the dark. We have never subscribed to that and that’s why Chloe Rees is such a good fit. She has been on the customer side when it’s gone right and when those frustrations are there, and understanding those challenges from a customer perspective is critical for a customer-centric organisation such as Smart WFM,” McGrath further added.

Working with McGrath, Rees will form part of the strategy team featuring COO Rob Scott, Regional Services Director Geoff Davey, and Advisory and Governance lead Nick Stonefield.