Philippines retail chain SM Retail now live with Fluent Order Management

Pranatharthi Haran, Managing Director for APAC at Fluent Commerce

SM Retail, one of the largest retail chain of stores in the Philippines has successfully implemented a new distributed Order Management System (OMS) from Fluent Commerce. SM Retail is the country’s leading retailer with a nationwide portfolio of department stores, supermarkets and specialty stores – including dedicated hardware, home and toy stores.

What does Fluent Order Management bring to SM Retail?

Fluent Order Management is used by leading global brands, including JD Sports, L’Oréal, Ted Baker, LVMH and Dulux to manage orders, inventory and fulfillment both in-store and online.

Fluent Order Management has gone live across nation-wide for SM Retail with the option to be used by over 50 brands, with Shop SM being first cab off the rank. The software implementation includes new Click & Collect and Home Delivery features – in addition to providing SM Retail with a single view of inventory in both its stores and warehouse.

Fluent Order Management was implemented in partnership with Merkle, a Dentsu customer experience management company. A key driver for SM Retail was the desire to make their in-store and online shopping experience seamless for clients. By using Fluent Order Management, SM Retail customers can pay online and pick up in store – or vice versa.

Prone to adverse weather conditions like earthquakes, SM Retail wanted a platform with dynamic logic which could route items from different locations in emergency situations.

 “We are pleased to see SM Retail go live with Fluent Order Management and look forward to hearing about the positive impact it is having on the shopping experience of its customers. Multi-brand inventory is complex, but ultimately, it will provide SM Retail with much more control over their stock and the most efficient way to get that stock into the hands of its customers,” said Pranatharthi Haran, Managing Director, APAC, Fluent Commerce.

Why did SM Retail onboard Fluent Order Management?

“The Philippines poses unique logistical challenges, which is why it is also vital that we have the ability to dynamically manage our inventory in response to increased demand for items or if unforeseen disruptions occur,” says Camila Lopez Lala-an, SAVP – Omnichannel, ShopSM.

“As one of the largest retailers in the Philippines, ensuring the best customer experience in each one of our stores is paramount. By implementing Fluent Order Management, we are giving our clients the flexibility to choose how they want to shop, at a time that suits them.”

In 2020 SM Retail launched its ‘Call to Deliver’ service, a hybrid platform that allows clients to get all their essentials from their chosen SM store branch with the help of a personal shopper.