SLB tech completes acquisition of gyroscopic wellbore firm Gyrodata

Jesus Lamas, President of Well Construction at SLB

SLB recently announced that it has completed the acquisition of Gyrodata Incorporated, which is a global company specializing in gyroscopic wellbore positioning and survey technology. The transaction will incorporate Gyrodata’s wellbore placement and surveying technologies within SLB’s Well Construction business, bringing innovative drilling solutions to customers.

What does the acquisition mean for SLB?

This will improve wellbore quality and reduce drilling risk to unlock even the most remote and complex reservoirs. Integrating three-axis solid state gyro measurements with the latest SLB technological innovations will help ensure tighter trajectory control, reduce data acquisition time and improve the decision-making process, resulting in greater overall drilling efficiency.

“I’m excited for this historic moment that will bring innovative solutions to the SLB Well Construction division and our industry,” said Jesus Lamas, President, Well Construction, SLB.

“The technology-driven acquisition of Gyrodata Incorported is aligned with SLB’s intensive strategy to elevate our operational performance and improve general efficiency for our customers. Combined with our Neuro autonomous solutions, the Gyrodata Incorported acquisition will transform drilling technology designs, leveraging downhole and surface automation to drive well construction performance and operations efficiency to new levels.”


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