Skyflow simplifies data residency, expands to EMEA and North America

Anshu Sharma, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Skyflow
Anshu Sharma, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Skyflow

Skyflow, the data privacy vault organization, announced new data residency capabilities including Asia-Pacific instances in Japan, Indonesia, India, and Bahrain, and an expansion of its footprint in EMEA and North America. With Skyflow, companies that store sensitive customer data can meet regulatory requirements for localized storage, provable and auditable data protection, and governance – simply by leveraging Skyflow’s global vault infrastructure.

This enables expansion to reach new clients in new markets, while minimizing complexity and cost. SaaS ISVs can scale and sell their product in EMEA and APAC without adding instances.

What is the market offering of Skyflow?

Today, companies that want to expand internationally face a technically complex and expensive proposition: replicate all of your cloud infrastructure, databases, and data warehouses by adding instances in each region before onboarding new clients in that region.

As more countries implement data protection laws, some businesses that were previously compliant now face the need to re-architect their customer data platform (CDP) and cloud infrastructure. With Skyflow, firms have a better option: add a data privacy vault in each region with data localization requirements, and store sensitive client data in that local vault.

Skyflow’s polymorphic encryption and tokenization capabilities let you do this without losing the ability to run workflows, analytics, or even machine learning while keeping compliant.

What does the product enhancement mean for clients?

“Skyflow enabled us to set up vaults in different regions quickly – like Bahrain and the UAE – without having to spend money and resources replicating our infrastructure. Implementation was easy, so we were able to quickly start supporting customers across EMEA while ensuring privacy and compliance,” commented Michael Tomlins, co-founder and CEO of Apaya.

“Our clients love that they can run their businesses globally without worrying about expensive replication and duplication. By isolating the PII and storing it locally, they meet localization requirements and also enhance security and governance controls. We run a global network of cloud infrastructure so you don’t have to,” said Anshu Sharma, co-founder and CEO, Skyflow.

One Skyflow customer, a Fortune 500 computer hardware company, was able to launch a new product in 30 countries across six regions in just three weeks without replicating their customer data platform or cloud infrastructure. They provisioned Skyflow vaults in each region, and stored their customer PII locally, all using Skyflow’s simple, yet powerful API.

Read about Skyflow’s data residency solution here.