Sold out in four days: Sisters’ start up Skye + Lach co. taking giant steps

Tammy Schmidt and Kylie Thomasz, founders of Skye + Lach co.

Tammy Schmidt and Kylie Thomasz are the faces behind Skye + Lach co. – that is, if you can see past their huge oversized sunglasses. The Melbourne sisters are the co-founders of the start up that is revolutionising the accessories industry with their trendy yet affordable looks.

Their emerald ‘Jewel’ style sunglasses launched as part of their Winter 2022 look and sold out in four days, while the ‘Havana’ sunnies are their best seller, with over 5,000 pairs sold.

What makes the business a unique market player?

“We started the business from scratch with no prior knowledge of e-commerce, IT, fashion or design, manufacturing, social media or importing. What we did have, however, was an obsession with oversized sunglasses and a knack at trend forecasting,” Thomasz said.

“While we do take inspiration from the high end fashion shows, it does take a special knack to pinpoint which style is the next ‘it’ look and I believe we’ve got that special something.”

“Unlike other shapes of sunglasses like aviators or the cat eye look, oversized sunglasses go with any face shape and look great on anybody. We believe that affordable yet trendy accessories should be made accessible for everyone, no matter what your budget is, so all of our sunnies are priced below $100, but you are getting top quality and top service.”

“While we focused on affordable style, we surrounded ourselves with good people and learned fast to ensure that our business was sustainable, scalable and founded on good operating practices, and this paid off as we have grown significantly within a short time.”

How is the secret behind the astronomical success?

“Starting up a business in a market that is already arguably saturated was hard, but we are very passionate about accessories fashion, and we design sunglasses that we ourselves would wear. It sets us apart from other companies because we would never put anything out unless it’s something that we would wear and that we are proud of,” Schmidt said.

“I’ve always been more creative, so I work with manufacturers, suppliers and marketing. Kylie is more business driven, so she takes care of the financials, wholesaling and clients. As sisters, we always shared a great bond, and it is extended to becoming business partners.”

“It has been an amazing adventure for the both of us and our families, and it is really important for us to be great role models for our kids, so that they can see that if you put your mind to it and are not afraid of hard work, you can do anything,” Schmidt added.

“We are so grateful for the past six years that we have been in the business, taking our vision and making it a reality has had some real ups and downs. The pandemic was a stumbling block initially but it very quickly turned into an opportunity. It helped to drive more sales as people adopted online shopping and ventured outdoors to socialise and exercise.”

“We made it through the first few tough couple of years and now we are flying. We had to make some really tough decisions, and change some of our strategies, but we made it through stronger than ever. We have started working in wholesale now and we already have our products stocked at many eyewear retailers around Australia,” Schmidt further said.

“We have an amazing social media following on Instagram and Facebook, and we are thrilled Sophie Monk is a fan of our sunglasses! Our dream is to see JLo wearing our sunglasses!”

What does the future hold for the company?

“The accessories industry moves very rapidly, so we have to be at the top of our game, watching the trends, coming up with ideas and innovating. The great thing about Skye + Lach co. sunglasses is that they’re affordable yet trendy, so you can easily afford to change up your look and really express who you are through your fashion choices,” Thomasz said.

“Fashion and accessories are important because it is a form of creative self-expression. It is about creating a look that represents who you are. We have always been passionate about making luxury fashion affordable because top fashion should not come with a top price tag.”

When you are scrolling through Instagram and you see a great look that would look great on you, you should be able to go get it. It shouldn’t be firewalled behind a luxury goods price tag. Skye + Lach co. bridges that gap and brings the look to you, at a price you want. With projected turnover of $5m next year, we are excited for our growth as a sister business.”