Skill Finder marketplace helps to connect Australians to in-demand jobs

Skill Finder, the free digital micro-skills marketplace developed by the Australian technology industry launched 20 new dedicated Career Pathways to help meet the growing demand for skilled workers in high-demand jobs such as data analytics, digital marketing and UX design. 

Skill Finder, led by Adobe, aims to help support Australia’s economic recovery in the pandemic.

Skill Finder launches Career Pathways with Adobe

The Career Pathways help job seekers learn different career paths and upskilling in various industries, enabling a better understanding of the skills and qualifications required.

The career specialisations align to current employment opportunities in occupations like data analysts, digital marketers, support and customer service professionals, and UX designers.

These functions and integrations connect people who are upskilling with job boards like LinkedIn, to explore digital career options and help companies attract skilled digital talent.  

“We continue to live and work in an uncertain and changing landscape where the importance of skills development to overcome barriers to employment remains paramount.”

“The new Career Pathways on Skill Finder will help meet the digital skilling needs of both individuals and employers looking to address emerging industry skills gaps,” said Suzanne Steele, Vice President and Managing Director of Adobe ANZ. 

Skill Finder aims to tacke the growing skills gap

COVID-19 has highlighted a widening skills gap in Australia, with many businesses and industries facing talent shortages and citing lack of required skills as a key issue. 

At the same time, the recent United Nations World Youth Skills Day revealed the global youth population is set to grow by more than 78 million between 2021 and 2030, meaning education and training systems across the world will need to respond to this challenge. 

Since launch, Skill Finder has expanded to offer more than 2,000 online micro-skills and courses from over 25 providers, including the world’s leading technology companies.

More than 200,000 unique visitors have enrolled in more than 35,000 courses, to upskill in areas like graphic design, coding, cloud computing, data analysis and management.  

“The functionality is designed to help people with their careers and studies proactively.”

“By understanding the skills needed for particular jobs and the jobs available now, Australians can get a clearer picture on where they are in their current career path and how to navigate their career potential,” said James Horne, Director of Strategy at Balance Internet