Simple guide on how to get prepped for a world after Job keeper

Easing corona virus restrictions domestically has done little to repair the current mindset of fear in the marketplace as the world continues to navigate the unprecedented disruption caused by the corona virus pandemic.

Ongoing Job keeper payments, combined with myriad lifestyle choices available to workers, mean that companies should invest in client and staff retention strategies urgently.

What then is the solution?  

Invest in your people before you get left behind in the head hunting frenzy that’s happening right now behind the scenes. Smart companies understand that there are a lot of good people out there thus are already preparing for a post-pandemic world and snapping up the talent.

Implementing coaching and development programs to really invest in your employees at the moment will be the key to business success post-pandemic.

When you start investing in your people, those people will have a mindset of gratitude, and the chances of them sticking around later vastly improve.

Putting these plans in place before the Job keeper payments end next month will put your business on the front foot. Once it dries up, companies are going to be a lot more aggressive to win new business, and they’ll be doing anything they can.

So how can businesses prepare for the end of Job keeper?

This is the time to make plans, know customers and invest in your people. We’re going to see more economic hard times.

There are a lot of great businesses out there that had been running for 30 years and have basically been destroyed overnight so the impact isn’t going to be pretty.

We’ve never existed in a world like this before. And we probably never will again. What we have to do is we have to be a supportive community and look after each other as a nation.


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