Shopify and Spotify forge a fruitful partnership to bolster creative arts

Shaun Broughton, Managing Director for Asia Pacific at Shopify

Shopify has announced a strategic partnership with digital audio streaming platform, Spotify.

They aim to offer artists the creative freedom to expand beyond music and traditional merch to build fully realized brands, backed by the best in audio streaming and commerce. 

Shopify is strategically partnering with Spotify

Musicians are an example of global first creators who are harnessing talent to create content.

At the moment, the intuitive digital content creator economy is estimated to be fetching approximately $50 million annually and is reportedly valued to be worth over $100bn. 

By leveraging the Spotify channel, artists can now introduce products to the place where listeners and fans are already engaging with their music, thus providing a streamlined market. 

By connecting their Spotify for Artists accounts with their Shopify online stores, artists can sync their catalogs and seamlessly showcase products of choice directly on their Spotify profiles.

This partnership is therefore, making it easy for music fans to browse and purchase content.

With Shopify, artist entrepreneurs have access to an all-in-one e-commerce platform to manage their brands across multiple touch points like leading social and entertainment channels. 

Spotify are currently one of the most popular and leading audio streaming service globally. 

Shopify welcomes the Spotify integration

Shaun Broughton, the Managing Director APAC at Shopify appreciated the partnership.

“Shopify is powering online stores globally and this Spotify integration further empowers Aussie and Kiwi artists to showcase their unique talent, creativity and fully engage their fans.”

Shopify is an easy to use e-commerce platform to start, grow and manage artist brands.

For artists with large followings and pre-existing businesses, Shopify’s world class digital infrastructure facilitates seamless handling of heavy traffic and crucially vital sales moments.

The highly advanced Spotify channel is available globally, to artists in 177 countries and also readily available to listeners in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the U.S.S, and the U.K.

New and existing artists can sign up for Shopify’s Spotify channel using Spotify for Artists

Comments on the Shopify and Spotify partnership

Annie Hamilton, an Australian singer, songwriter and designer expressed her excitement.

“I’m so excited to be able to link my Shopify store directly to my Spotify profile, allowing my listeners to shop my merch and learn about my fashion label while listening to my music.

“Especially during this time, while artists are unable to connect with fans through live music, festivals, and touring, online merch sales are an important way for fans to directly support artists while gaining an awesome new piece of clothing or memorabilia in the process.”

“This new integration between these two titanic digital streaming platforms will make it so much easier for me to invite my listeners into my world of music, art and clothing.”