ShipStation partners with Mirakl to offer enhanced shipping processes to merchants on leading marketplaces

ShipStation, one of the world’s leading cloud-based ecommerce shipping solution, announced a partnership with Mirakl, the SaaS solution to power scalable, profitable ecommerce growth. The partnership will integrate ShipStation to the Mirakl Connect ecosystem, granting merchants access to enhanced shipping processes on the world’s leading marketplaces.

What does the partnership mean for merchants?

Merchants in the Mirakl Connect ecosystem can now easily access ShipStation through a direct integration. In parallel, ShipStation merchants can now access Mirakl Connect, the industry’s largest ecosystem of high quality, vetted global brands and marketplace partners.

Within the ecosystem, ShipStation merchants get access to Mirakl’s 350+ marketplace channels and selling tools, with the ability to seamlessly retrieve and print order labels through their ShipStation accounts. And as a result, global merchants are now better equipped to build and grow their multi-marketplace businesses, and marketplace operators can provide better customer experiences thanks to accurate, real-time shipping updates.

ShipStation and Mirakl’s integration gives merchants the selling tools to:

  • Import orders and export tracking numbers between the two solutions
  • Streamline shipping operations for purchases made on Mirakl marketplaces
  • Scale merchants’ business workflows to multiple marketplaces

What does this mean for ShipStation and Mirakl?

Jean-Gabriel de Mourgues, Executive Vice President, Mirakl Connect & Growth Solutions
Jean-Gabriel de Mourgues, Executive Vice President, Mirakl Connect & Growth Solutions

Commenting on the partnership, Jean-Gabriel de Mourgues, Executive Vice President, Mirakl Connect & Growth Solutions, said, “Through this partnership, sellers in our Mirakl Connect ecosystem will be equipped with a renowned solution, already used by sellers around the world, enabling them to offer a delivery experience that matches best-in-class retailers.”

“By being positioned to respond to shopper demands for speedy, efficient deliveries, our sellers’ conversion rates will improve. It’s a win-win for all stakeholders in the marketplace ecosystem – shoppers, sellers, and our clients, the companies operating marketplaces.”

Commenting on the partnership, Sudha Chandrasekharan, Senior Vice President of Ecommerce Products at Auctane, ShipStation’s operating brand, said, “With the proliferation of ecommerce, it’s critical for merchants to be everywhere their customers are shopping.”

“The online marketplace is a critical sales channel. ShipStation’s integration with Mirakl empowers our merchants with the tools they need to start selling on marketplaces faster, and gives them access to established customer bases of some of the most trusted retailers.”

The new integration is available now. Visit here for more and to start your free trial today.

What is the wider industry context of this partnership?

Open source software has become increasingly popular in recent years, thanks to its low cost, flexibility, and community support. However, there are also some challenges associated with deploying open source solutions, including:

  • Security: Open source software is often more complex than proprietary software, which can make it more difficult to secure. Additionally, the open source community is constantly evolving, which means that new vulnerabilities are being discovered all the time.
  • Licensing: Open source software is typically released under a variety of licenses, each with its own terms and conditions. It is important to carefully review the licensing terms before deploying open source software, to ensure that the organization is in compliance.
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Despite these challenges, open source software can be a valuable asset for organizations that are willing to invest the time and resources to deploy it correctly. By carefully considering the challenges and risks involved, organizations can make informed decisions about whether or not open source software is right for them.

Here are some additional tips for mitigating the challenges of deploying open source solutions:

  • Choose the right software: There are a wide variety of open source software solutions available, so it is important to choose one that is well-maintained and has a good track record of security.
  • Do your research: Before deploying open source software, it is important to do your research and understand the licensing terms, security risks, and support options.
  • Use a community-supported distribution: Community-supported distributions of open source software are often more secure and easier to maintain than the upstream projects.
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  • Have a plan for security: Security should be a top priority when deploying open source software. Organizations should have a plan for identifying and mitigating security risks.

By following these tips, organizations can mitigate the challenges of deploying open source solutions and reap the benefits of this powerful technology.

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