Shifting seats: Furniture warehouse changes tactics during COVID-19

Shifting seats: Furniture warehouse changes tactics during COVID-19
Simona Arcieri and Giovanni Giannace, the owners of PopUpDesign.

As businesses continue facing the brunt of the COVID-19 pandemic with many of them being forced to shut down designer furniture company, PopUpDesign, turned the tables by embracing technology.

The luxury furniture business is all set to launch its first ever 3D showroom to provide the ultimate customer experience in the Australian market.

Contrary to its original plan of having pop up stores and warehouses in different cities in Australia before COVID-19 hit, PopUpDesign quickly pivoted to offer their customers and potential customers alike a different way of viewing and purchasing their high quality, designer furniture items.

With online furniture sales increasing over the COVID-19 period, they knew they couldn’t hesitate and ride it out until restrictions were lifted to open their face to face pop up warehouses.

Especially as ‘…the industry is expected to grow at an annualised 12.3% over the five years through 2020-21.’

What has PopUpDesign been getting up to?

Without hesitation, the owners of PopUpDesign, Simona Arcieri and Giovanni Giannace, started right away.

Some of the ways the award winning wife and husband team of PopUpDesign have made their furniture more accessible include a 3D virtual sale, Facebook lives and amplified customer service, with a focus on reassurance, item information and attention.

The PopUpDesign 3D virtual sale will allow customers to immerse themselves in a virtual showroom experience where they can enjoy a tour of the luxury furniture designs and also educate themselves on the quality of the products. So they can get a clearer idea of how it will add value to their homes.

Along with the 3D showroom, PopUpDesign will use live streaming and social media platforms, including Facebook, to reach out and connect with their customers.

They find that their pieces tend to sell themselves once people are familiar with them. Each of the furniture designs that PopUpDesign sells is handpicked to suit the Australian climate and way of living, making it a timeless piece.

By embracing technology available and genuinely connecting with customers, they have been able to ensure that it’s an experience and not just a transaction.

With a focus on education, targeting the right people, a more human approach to customer service alongside authentic reassurance, PopUpDesign have found an effective business model that will work for them beyond COVID-19.

‘The past year has been a challenging time for us. Just before COVID-19 struck, we had stocked our warehouses as we were excitedly preparing to launch our unique business concept which involved pop up sales of luxury, designer furniture items for Australians.

Something that hasn’t really been done here before. But then, with lockdown and restrictions, our face to face options weren’t going to be an option. We made a rapid decision to pivot, rather than just give up or delay the launch.

And it has paid off and will continue to do so and seamlessly blend with our in person warehouses when they can be reopened in due course,’ Simona Arcieri, owner. On the need for change and how it affected them, Simona said: ‘It was certainly a good lesson in patience and being flexible.

But it also helped us to remember that we are very driven about beautifully designed things and that we’re invested in helping and educating Australians in seeing the value of buying higher quality furniture items that they have for life.

Rather than just buying cheaply and having to replace every few years, which contributes to landfill and other practices which are not eco friendly.’

PopUpDesign’s 3D Virtual Sale will be available from the 5th of March. Plus, there will be a live Made in Italy by Elementi Concept furniture sale to coincide with the virtual sale to be held in Subiaco WA over various dates soon.