Sherpa’s revolution in pharmaceutical delivery creating distribution centres

While same day delivery and prescription medication delivery is not new in the pharmaceutical sector, they are outmoded and there is a better, more efficient and cost-effective way to meet changing customer demands, according to Duncan Brett, the CEO of Sherpa.

At the APP Conference on the Gold Coast, Mr Brett said there is a revolution in pharmaceutical delivery, with the pharmacy industry’s online reliance pushed into overdrive with COVID-19.

COVID-19 impact on pharmaceutical delivery

“This forced pharmacies to focus on convenience and deliveries at scale, which are a necessity. They needed better ways to meet customer demand that is less clunky, costly and inefficient.”

“This is what Sherpa does. We are providing a sophisticated and better way for pharmacies to get medical products to their patients outside their retail facility.”

“The feedback from pharmacy retailers who have taken advantage of the Sherpa model of Same Day Delivery is that it has changed their business because we have turned their stores into mini distribution centres,” Mr Brett explained.

“Sherpa are experts in the area of delivering highly regulated goods, by working with industry bodies to find the best solution, enforcing regulatory compliance and providing a better customer experience.”

Sherpa has become Australia’s leading on demand delivery partner, operating in 17 cities across the country and with an enviable DIFOT (Delivered In Full, On Time) standard of 94%.

It works with some of the biggest global brands across all sectors and offers five different delivery options to meet the huge growth in e-commerce and same day delivery demand.

“While we are retailer agnostic, we have aligned ourselves with the pharma industry as a whole, with different business models, retail, suppliers, wholesalers and ecommerce to provide a better way for pharmacists to get much-needed medication to their patients,” Mr Brett said.

“Sherpa’s job is delivery. We do not compete with pharmacies or hold inventory. We simply get medical products in the hands of pharmacy patients quicker than anyone else.”

“We are big, very broad and very good at what we do and the industry is discovering that they need our expertise to help them meet the challenges of the Same Day model at scale.”

Pharmaceuticals demand Same Day Delivery

Mr Brett explained that prior to the gig economy, Same Day Delivery methods from a Sydney distribution centre, took a long time to get goods into the hands of consumers in Australia.

Deliveries to customers in Perth, Hobart and Cairns would be taking 5 days, to Adelaide 3-5 days and Newcastle 2-3 days. “Pharmacies discovered that doing it in-house was difficult to scale, costly, reliant on in-house teams and inefficient,” he added.

“The benefits for multi-store retail, using the Same Day Delivery model, has turned 5 days delivery into one hour and 2-3 days into one hour.”

“It provides pharmacies with the opportunity to efficiently and conveniently reach their customers beyond their four walls, retain loyalty, ensure profitability and remain competitive.”

Sherpa has the expertise, technology and capability to help pharmacists do the whole process better.” Sherpa is an Australian tech disruptor launched in 2014.

Its mission is to change the way retailers execute their last mile fulfillment – driven by industry-leading technology and a customer-centric approach.

Sherpa’s intuitive SAAS based booking and delivery platform is Australia’s largest crowd-sourced driver fleet, boasting a unique solution that offers unprecedented flexibility for a variety of businesses looking to fulfill products to customers, quickly and easily.