Sherpa in partnership with Starshipit to fast track retail delivery service

Sherpa, Australian on-demand last-mile delivery saw record Father’s Day 2021 delivery figures.

This has compelled them to partner with global fulfillment automation platform, Starshipit to fast track its offering to the hundreds of retailers already using the Starshipit platform.

Sherpa’s record Father’s Day 2021 delivery figures

During the weekend of Father’s Day 2021, Sherpa made more than 40,000 deliveries, a volume increase of 60% on last year, when volumes hit record levels especially in locked-down Victoria.

Technology was the most popular gift for Aussie dads during Father’s Day 2021, with tech deliveries up 400% on last year, plus cakes and doughnuts, flowers, wine and scotch.

Sherpa Chief Executive Officer Duncan Brett said, “It is very clear now that the current market demand for our service will continue to roll into the Christmas peak.”

“We had expected some time to come up for air to prepare for that period, but we now believe this will not happen, and this very strong demand will simply continue through into January.”

Benefits of Sherpa’s partnership with Starshipit

Sherpa technology is integrated into the Starshipit platform, and retailers have instant access to Sherpa’s service, including multiple same-day delivery propositions and live tracking

Retailers on Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento and marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay and Catch can offer same day delivery at their checkout and set the delivery price.

“More than ever, customers are demanding faster delivery and they want to see their goods arrive in real time with live tracking. That is what we do,” said Duncan Brett, CEO of Sherpa.

“They decide how long they want to wait to have the product in their hands and we now know that 80% of online shoppers want same-day delivery.”

“According to KPMG’s 2021 Retail Outlook Report, 80% of Australian Retail CEOs and or Executives said they expect consumers’ expectations to increase the most in the next 12 months in online delivery options and online delivery speed.” 

“This is what this partnership brings to market, it allows Australian retailers to quickly have access to an additional shipping option, and one that is the fastest for their consumers.”

“Sherpa has set a new standard in the speed of eCommerce delivery and we’re delighted to team up with Starshipit, who are a leader in fulfillment automation,” Mr Brett added.

Like Sherpa, Starshipit is a tech company with the aim of automating fulfillment for retailers. 

It can quickly integrate with e-tailer’s existing online platforms like Shopify, Magento and BigCommerce to make the delivery process and options seamless.

“We are thrilled to partner with Sherpa to bring on-demand and same-day delivery to our product offering. It is clear today’s consumers aren’t willing to wait and this trend is growing faster than ever before,” said Jennifer Diaz, Head of Growth for Starshipit.

“This integration has been anticipated by our merchants and enables them to offer more choice to their customers, enhance the customer experience and increase sales conversion.”