Sherpa and Shipr join forces giving online shoppers shipping choices

Sherpa, Australia’s leading on-demand, last-mile delivery company announced modifications to its APP this month which will streamline the delivery process for its customers. 

The successful release of the Shipr Integration plugin will allow current and future Shipr clients to access the Sherpa last-mile, on-demand delivery services with the click of a button.

Why is the Shipr integration good for Sherpa?

The Shipr Integration is among the first of many new shipping middleware integrations to now be seamlessly featured to online customers as they finalise their shopping carts. 

Customers can now choose – as standard options – same-day or even one-hour shipping from the time of purchasing online; in addition to the options of shipping within 7 days or 3 days.

“It’s all about giving customers the choice of fulfillment and let them decide how long they want to wait from ordering, to product delivery,” said Duncan Brett, Sherpa CEO.

“This is another vital step in disruptor technology that is clearly here to stay. We know that 80% of online shoppers want same-day delivery.”

“Having the option of faster shipping – whether it be same-day or within the hour – is frankly what online shoppers today are demanding. This is the new standard in online customer service and an important part of the online fulfilment revolution.”

“Retailers with bricks and mortar footprints are transforming their stores into mini-DC’s dispatching online orders from stores to customers’ doors in hours rather than days or weeks.”

How will Sherpa use the Shipr integration?

The uncertainty of Covid, surprise lockdowns, the burgeoning embrace of eComm as the new normal, and the development of evolutionary technology, is providing an easy competitive advantage for nimbler retailers – both traditional and online, large and small.

For Shipr, it’s a natural extension of meeting the changing demands of their customers.

“Our clients need to offer their customers fulfillment options at the press of a button. We partner with Sherpa because they are the best in on-demand, same day, fast delivery.”

“It is an exciting step and first of a kind for Shipr,” said Fadi Mubarak, Shipr Founder and CEO.

The integration also means Shipr clients need not undertake the integration of the Sherpa API or plugins to their eComm platform.

Instead, Sherpa can now offer the service via the shipping middleware, thereby saving time and money, and providing the opportunity of immediately launching the Same Day delivery option.

Sherpa is an Australian Tech disruptor started in 2014. Our mission is to change the way retailers execute their last mile fulfilment driven by industry-leading technology and a customer centric approach.