SevenRooms’ Pre-Shift to help teams streamline pre-service operations

Allison Page, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at SevenRooms
Allison Page, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at SevenRooms

SevenRooms, a global guest experience and retention platform for the hospitality industry, has announced a new product feature, Pre-Shift, which provides operators with key shift details they can leverage to inform and lead pre-service meetings. Pre-Shift is built to power and simplify pre-service meetings for restaurant operators and their staff around the world. 

What is the market offering of SevenRooms’ Pre-Shift?

The new feature provides operators a real-time, unified view of everything they need ahead of each shift and saves employees’ time with an out-of-the-box informational report. Instead of paper print-outs and laborious briefing forms, Pre-Shift allows teams to harness rich customer data with up-to-the-minute information on every guest joining during that shift. 

With ongoing labour shortages, Pre-Shift is a crucial tool in helping operators save time on administrative tasks like pulling guest and reservation data to optimise a team’s pre-shift meeting ahead of service with all stakeholders. This allows operators and staff to instead focus on delivering personalised experiences the moment that guest walks through the door.

Operators have the ability to embrace new consumer expectations to provide an incredible guest journey. By incorporating this tool, staff can utilise SevenRooms’ rich guest data and Auto-Tags to educate themselves on guests. It highlights insights like allergy information, dining preferences, previous experiences with the restaurant, and positive/negative reviews.

It also provides a quick snapshot of that day’s notes on menu specials, private events, or special requests, making it easy for staff to reference quickly throughout the service.

Whether it’s the maître d, host, server or back-of-house employees, the innovative Pre-Shift solution enables all staff with the information they need to deliver exceptional service, build guest loyalty, and keep up with diner expectations as they continue to evolve. 

Pre-Shift helps restaurants deliver personalised hospitality at scale with invisible technology. Guest and reservation data can be accessed on the fly without double clicks or additional navigation via iPhone and iPads for the utmost convenience. No other reservation management product on the market today offers such a robust overview with automated guest data incorporated into its dashboard, saving operators time as they set up for service.

Why is SevenRooms’ Pre-Shift a game changer?

“The magic of SevenRooms is in the way that we’re able to serve up relevant guest information to restaurants at key points of service. Our new Pre-shift view takes that magic one step further by strategically aggregating the most important guest insights before service even begins,” said Allison Page, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at SevenRooms.

“We seamlessly take the data available for a shift and serve up key insights that the front of house should be aware of heading into service – for instance, guests with a high propensity to spend, guests who have previously left negative reviews, guests with allergies, and more. Pre-Shift provides operators a real-time, unified view that takes pre-service preparation to a whole new level, ultimately providing guests with exceptional, frictionless experiences.”

Nicholas Ingall, Operations Manager at The Apollo and Cho Cho San
Nicholas Ingall, Operations Manager at The Apollo and Cho Cho San

“Pre-Shift is a great resource for our service leaders, waiters, bartenders, and our chefs. It is having a notable effect in training our kitchen teams and their restaurant awareness,” commented Nicholas Ingall, Operations Manager at The Apollo and Cho Cho San.

“The kitchen is reviewing cover flows, service notes, and goals for the front-of-house team in one view. They are becoming familiar with regular diners, their seating preferences, and the demands of the restaurant throughout service. Pre-Shift enables our front and back of house teams to maintain a big picture view of the restaurant while managing in detail,” Ingall said.

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