Seven Seas Worldwide helps Aussies to return home during the pandemic

Global shipping and relocation experts Seven Seas Worldwide have launched their first ever Global Movement Report, which taps into the trends and motivations behind global relocation.

The report includes respondents from the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, South Africa and the United States. Seven Seas Worldwide shared details around how they’re helping Aussies to return home to their families, despite the many challenges resulting from the pandemic.

Findings in the Seven Seas Worldwide report

Since border restrictions were first introduced in 2020, Seven Seas Worldwide has helped thousands travel to Australia, with majority of these being Aussies returning home.

Although returning travellers must navigate flight availability, changing arrivals caps, and quarantine, Seven Seas Worldwide with authorities ensure a safe arrival for all items.

Seven Seas Worldwide assists the elderly with customs documentation, connects isolated customers and provides advice on the transportation of rare items. They add a human touch in a testing time and ensure the process is uncomplicated, affordable and supportive.

Seven Seas Worldwide is also working closely with regional governments to ensure compliance with public health requirements to protect the safety of customers, staff and the public.

The use of masks, sanitisers, equipment hygiene and social distancing are just some of the measures being implemented by the team.

Despite the evolving situation, Seven Seas Worldwide remains committed to supporting the relocations of those who meet the government’s entry requirements.

In releasing the Global Movement Report, John Henderson, Co-Founder of Seven Seas Worldwide reflected upon the evolution of relocations over the company’s 25 year history.  

“As a family-owned business, we’ve seen many changes over the past two and a half decades,” Mr Henderson said. “Like most industries, relocation has been disrupted by the pandemic, causing a domino effect which touched everything from trade to global economic growth.”

“Our priorities are to be nimble, flexible, compliant, safe and as stress-free as possible.”

Seven Seas Worldwide’s travel predictions

Global movement has been significantly impacted as a result of efforts to curb the spread of COVID-19, and relocation to and from Australia reflects the trends seen worldwide.

Given our strict border closures, respondents in Australia who cancelled their international relocation plans were most likely to cite COVID-19-related restrictions or concerns (58%).

While demand may be dampened temporarily, Seven Seas Worldwide predicts an uptick in global movement following widespread vaccination and the easing of border restrictions.

The company has already seen inbound relocations bounce back to pre-pandemic levels and fully expects outbound relocations to follow suit.

“Over the course of our 25 year history, Australians have demonstrated a healthy appetite for travel and relocations,” said Mr Henderson.

“Our data and market expertise point to an increase in Aussies undertaking working holidays, moving countries for work or study, and relocating for retirement, over the coming years.”

When thinking about an international relocation, movers from Australia had their sights set on English-speaking countries including the United Kingdom, New Zealand and the United States.

The UK topped the list of desired countries having been selected by 20% of respondents who planned to move, followed closely by New Zealand and the United States, each on 15%.

While Aussies dream of faraway lands, Australia remains an attractive destination for other nationals. Demand to relocate to Australia was reasonably high amongst the regions surveyed.

Given a selection of 15 countries, respondents showed most interest in a move to the United Kingdom (17%), the United States (12%), and Australian rounds up the top three on 9%.

The top reasons respondents considered or planned an international move were for a better lifestyle (34%), to experience a new culture (26%), and for economy or job opportunities (23%).

The Aussie way of life is a huge drawcard for international movers. For those that chose Australia to relocate to, the top reason for moving would be for a better lifestyle (47%).