Sensormatic Solutions launches new holistic loss prevention tools to better support retailers in fight against theft

Craig Szklany, Vice President and Product General Manager, Loss Prevention & Liability at Sensormatic Solutions
Craig Szklany, Vice President and Product General Manager, Loss Prevention & Liability at Sensormatic Solutions

Sensormatic Solutions, the retail solutions portfolio of Johnson Controls, shows its continued commitment to supporting retailers through innovation. The brand has released “Secure Retail in the New World,” a resource to help industry leaders understand the future of loss prevention and guide holistic operational improvements that mitigate the impact of shrink by leaning on connectivity, leading with data, and regaining control of their environments.

What is the market offering of the new solution?

Sensormatic loss prevention solutions work to give retailers a comprehensive view of their operations to better understand what’s working, what isn’t, and how to improve their strategies accordingly. Datasets from throughout the store come together to put control back into retailers’ hands and inform more holistic loss prevention strategies built on:

  • Connectivity; Retailers have been using electronic article surveillance (EAS), tags, and other loss prevention technologies for decades. Advancements in connected solutions have made these tools more powerful than ever before, giving leaders a comprehensive, real-time view of their stores.
  • Context; Computer visionradio-frequency identification (RFID), store exit monitoring, and other tools come together to help retailers understand not just what was taken and when but the tactics retail criminals are using. Connecting these systems sheds light on what today’s crime looks like in the context of a specific retail location or enterprise to provide actionable, data-driven insights that guide more effective deployments.
  • Control; Visual and physical deterrents—like hard tags, safers and wraps, smart sensors, and public view monitors—can help harden defenses no matter how they’re deployed. However, when retailers use operational and loss prevention data to guide their deployment strategies, they’ll be able to use existing tools more effectively and mitigate shrink without compromising customer experiences.

What does this mean for the retail industry?

“Not only has the financial impact of organized retail crime grown significantly in recent years, but so have safety concerns for both shoppers and associates,” said Craig Szklany, Vice President and Product General Manager, Loss Prevention & Liability at Sensormatic Solutions.

“These changes have made it necessary for retailers around the globe to reconsider what it means to protect their stores. Adopting a data-led approach rooted in holistic operational insight and supported by emerging technology can help brands not only improve their loss prevention tactics today but prepare for new challenges that arise tomorrow,” Szklany said.

Sensormatic loss prevention portfolio empowers retailers with the holistic solutions they need to remain agile in the face of rising retail crime. They are designed for easy adoption, helping retailers integrate advanced hardware and software into existing loss prevention systems.

To learn more about the benefits of adopting a holistic approach to loss prevention and how to get started, download Sensormatic Solutions white paper: Secure Retail in the New World.