Sensor Tower expands to Australia to aid access to mobile app insights

Tom Cui, Managing Director APAC, Sensor Tower

Sensor Tower, an industry market intelligence company used by several big global brands such as Nestle, Twitter, HBO, and Target, has announced its expansion into Australia.

Businesses with a local app will now have access to Sensor Tower’s market intelligence data, which provides key app metrics like consumer spending, downloads, ad impressions, share of voice, and engagement for competitors’ products on Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

Why does Sensor Tower matter to businesses?

Australia is one of the world’s top 10 largest mobile app markets by revenue. Total app revenue in Australia has increased by nearly 60% over the past three years —  making it the ninth largest app economy globally — with revenue per download increasing by more than 52% over the same period as consumers spend more time on their mobile devices.

The Australian app market is now worth nearly AUD $3 billion annually. Since its launch in the United States in 2013, Sensor Tower has become the go-to resource for businesses looking for mobile app insights. They provide analytics on Apple and Google Play Store intelligence.

The data provides businesses with vital information on their competitive landscape, and insights into downloads, revenue, user retention, and attract key demographics, to help their business grow both locally and globally and improve the customer’s journey.

Sensor Tower APAC Managing Director, Tom Cui says: “Australia’s app market is one of the strongest in the world, with high device ownership rates, along with growth in double-digit download and spend each year. It was the logical next step in our Asia-Pacific growth plan.”

“We’ve observed app growth by unicorn startups in Australia, like Canva. Casual gaming studios have also created top-charting titles yearly, and in the last 12 months we’ve even seen some crypto companies break into the top 10 most downloaded crypto apps.”

“Until now, there has been a lack of transparency in Australian mobile insights, which is why we’re launching in Australia — to give brands the tools to optimise and prioritise their apps.”

How else can you leverage Sensor Tower?

Sensor Tower also provides insights for firms with the ambition to grow globally. Customers can view the markets in which their competitors are growing fastest, how they accomplished this, and how they’ve been able to localise their app experience for each region.

In 2021, Sensor Tower acquired the digital marketing intelligence platform Pathmatics, to provide a holistic view of where their clients’ digital and mobile assets stand in the market.

Eugene du Plessis, Regional Director of Sensor Tower, said: “Aussies are addicted to their mobile devices, and for businesses, this presents an vital way to engage with consumers.”

“Businesses need access to insights to better understand how consumers are using mobile apps, which is why the data Sensor Tower tracks is so important. For large Australian FMCG companies like supermarkets, banks, financial institutions, government agencies, and more, Sensor Tower can uncover these insights to capitalise on the growing app market.”

“The combination of Sensor Tower and Pathmatics presents a unique offering to businesses and I’m looking forward to helping clients reach their full potential with the added insights.”

What are the most downloaded apps in Australia?

As part of today’s launch, Sensor Tower has revealed the top 10 most downloaded apps in Australia from March 2021 to February 2022, with Government apps topping downloads:

“We can see that gov’t-related apps have been the most downloaded in Australia over the past 12 months as they became the primary way for Aussies to navigate  COVID-19. Social networking platforms and streaming services also remain firm favourites,” said du Plessis.

Today there are nearly 2 million apps available for download on the Apple App Store alone. As the mobile app market continues to grow at an unprecedented pace, access to insights from this ecosystem will enable businesses to make more informed decisions through tracking their competitors’ moves, market, and consumer trends. Visit