Sendle offers seamless shipping for Aussie Etsy sellers during COVID-19

Sendle offers seamless shipping for Aussie Etsy sellers during COVID-19
James Chin Moody, CEO of Sendle

Sendle, Australia’s top-rated courier service for small business, has announced a new Etsy integration to ease small business shipping challenges and help them meet increased demand for products, fueled by the coronavirus pandemic. 

Sendle has seen an increasing number of Etsy sellers using the shipping platform to book parcel delivery as more consumers shop online and buy locally made products during the pandemic.

How does the integration work?

Starting from today, the integration makes it easy for sellers to connect their Etsy shop with their Sendle dashboard, print labels and ship their Etsy orders through Sendle, saving them precious time.

COVID-19 has triggered the biggest shift to eCommerce Australia has ever seen. In fact, the predicted ten-year growth trajectory in global eCommerce activity has occurred in just a few months.

Sendle’s parcel volumes are currently up 80% on the busy Christmas period last year as online sales skyrocket.

Many sellers are under pressure to pivot, adapt and grow their small business or side hustle online, and with this comes an increased need for frictionless and affordable shipping that’s easy to use.

What did stakeholders have to say about the integration?

Sendle Co-founder and CEO James Chin Moody said: “With so many small business retailers making the transition from bricks to clicks, we have developed a streamlined shipping experience for Australian Etsy sellers.

Our integration is designed to function seamlessly with your Etsy shop, giving sellers access to door-to-door delivery that is simple, affordable and reliable, during an unprecedented eCommerce boom.”

Over the past five years, Sendle has reshaped parcel delivery in Australia and helped tens of thousands of small businesses simplify their shipping so they can get on with growing their business.

In May, eCommerce company Shopify integrated Sendle into its platform as one of only five shipping carriers globally. 

As the first 100% carbon neutral parcel delivery service in Australia, Sendle’s purpose also aligns with Etsy’s environmental credentials.

Both companies are pioneering the move toward a zero-emissions delivery future which is more critical than ever with the explosion of online shopping.

“We love how Etsy and Sendle are closely aligned when it comes to prioritising the planet as a key stakeholder.

When you sell with Etsy and ship with Sendle, you are effectively doubling your offset, meaning that you are being ‘carbon positive’ and removing carbon from the atmosphere with every parcel you send,” Mr Moody said.

A recent survey of Sendle customers in Australia revealed a 55% increase in demand for locally made products during COVID-19.  Like Etsy, Sendle is committed to supporting local creators and makers as they build their small business and side hustles online, and pursue their creative passions.

Melbourne Etsy seller, Alison Amsterdam, has pivoted from selling vintage clothing to face masks during the coronavirus pandemic and has been run off her feet with orders.

“I run my store on Etsy because it’s a great, user-friendly and effective way to sell products. Sendle is the most cost-effective and reliable way of sending my orders to my customers.

Both these platforms have made my selling experience a lot more manageable and enjoyable.”

43% of Sendle customers run their online business as a side hustle, often on top of family commitments and a full-time job. Sendle’s integration will give Etsy sellers like Alison more time to create their beautifully crafted Australian made products.

Etsy sellers wishing to use the new integration can simply connect their Etsy account to Sendle here.