Scope3 opens industry collaboration and innovation hub in Australia

June Cheung, Head of JAPAC at Scope3

Scope3, the source of truth for supply chain emissions data across the media and advertising industry is expanding into Australia, where it will build a strategic hub for product development and collaborative go-to-market teams in Australia and the broader JAPAC region.

What is the market offering of Scope3?

Scope3 is a public benefit company (PBC) which was started to build a model that predicts and understands the emissions of every single part of the advertising supply chain. It is trusted as the source of truth for emissions measurement, reporting compensation and reduction by organisations in every segment of the media and advertising industry. 

Scope3 will partner with agencies, publishers, tech companies, industry associations and the scientific community across the country to bring its standards-based approach to measuring and compensating for carbon emissions. The company has immediate plans to expand its local team to support commercial, engineering and product development operations.

Scope3 supports firms seeking to make data-driven decisions to reduce their carbon footprint in the industry by pricing carbon into decisions via carbon-neutral Green Media Products (GMPs). Foundational to Scope3’s solution is a powerful methodology that delivers accurate, trustworthy and end-to end data model of digital supply chain emissions. 

The detailed model of website and ad delivery emissions draws from the full complement of data sources and is augmented by machine learning and computational modelling.

What does the expansion to Australia mean?

Sydney based June Cheung has also been appointed Head of JAPAC and will lead Scope3’s expansion and strategic partnerships in the region. Scope3’s investment in the region reflects the firm’s belief that deep industry engagement and adoption of new solutions which address the media and advertising industry’s emissions challenge will be well received given Australia has experienced some of the most significant climate related disasters on the planet. 

June is a seasoned operator with deep expertise in the field, having recently led the JAPAC region for Oracle Advertising. Her appointment as Head of JAPAC underscores Scope3’s plans to pursue the best and brightest talent in the region to support its rapid expansion plans.

June Cheung, Scope3 Head of JAPAC said “The narrative around climate is one of complex industries moving too slowly to affect change; however, there is a growing movement in media and advertising to do our part to address complex and global challenges.” 

“In Australia, where low use of renewable energy means it has one of the highest advertising emissions per capita, our goal is to collaborate across the industry to drive outcomes and develop programs and solutions that can be applied both regionally and around the world.”