Schlumberger DELFI selected by Northern Lights JV for CO2 project

Rajeev Sonthalia, President for Digital & Integration at Schlumberger

Schlumberger will deploy the DELFI cognitive E&P environment on the Norwegian CO2 project by the Northern Lights Joint Venture (NL), in order to streamline subsurface workflows and longer-term modeling and surveillance of CO2 sequestration.

NL was established to develop an open-source CO2 transport and storage infrastructure, providing accelerated decarbonization opportunities for European industries, with an ambition to store up to 5m tonnes of CO2 per year based on market demand.

For CO2 transportation and storage, Schlumberger digital solutions are used for subsurface characterization and dynamic reservoir simulation, which are key to understanding storage site capacity and the potential for injecting and containing fluids.

They are used for development planning, operations, appraisals and monitoring purposes.

Schlumberger DELFI CO2 sequestration

“Northern Lights has recognized the huge potential of Schlumberger’s digital technology to fast-track decision making and de-risk CO2 transportation and storage operations,” said Rajeev Sonthalia, the President for Digital & Integration at Schlumberger.

“The tech facilitates automation and autonomy in data analytics and operational processes, enabling Northern Lights to accelerate its workflows and achieve increases in operational efficiency and performance through AI and high performance computing.”

The DELFI environment gives instant access to CO2 transportation and storage technology subscriptions and plug-ins while also providing the ability to host other third-party applications, including seamless integration with the OSDU Data Platform.

The petrotechnical applications and digital solutions will assist Northern Lights to plan operational activities, enabling them to work together in a collaborative environment.

Northern Lights JV partners Schlumberger

Northern Lights is part of Longship, Norway’s largest climate initiative comprising a Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) project covering capture, transport, and storage of CO2.

Carbon capture will start in 2024, with an annual capacity of 1.5 million tonnes of CO2 per year and the possibility to expand this with an additional 3.5 million tonnes.

The EU has designated NL as a Project of Common Interest, a key cross-border infrastructure program, linking European energy systems to achieve its energy and climate objectives.

Schlumberger offers comprehensive industry-leading digital solutions to support complex multidisciplinary CO2 storage workflows, from process modeling on the capture and transportation side, through to subsurface studies and monitoring.

The company’s experience with carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) spans over 20 years, with consulting and project implementation in CCUS projects worldwide.