Australia’s SCE Energy Solutions taps Tigo Energy’s advanced solar fleet management and monitoring services

Tigo Energy, Inc., a provider of intelligent solar and energy storage solutions, announced that long-time client SCE Energy Solutions has deployed Tigo Fleet Manager, an extension to the Tigo Energy Intelligence (EI) platform, featuring a powerful interactive dashboard that offers rich and actionable system performance data from the fleet down to the module level.

How is SCE utilizing Tigo Energy’s solution?

SCE Energy Solutions (SCE) leverages Tigo EI Fleet Manager to uncover and operationalize sophisticated insights about the growing fleet of solar systems in its care to deliver the highest possible standards of performance, reliability, financial stability, and safety to clients.

With more than 3.44 million photovoltaic installations deployed, the installers behind Australia’s fast-growing solar energy sector need advanced and innovative solutions to deploy, monitor, and manage constantly expanding portfolios of customer solar systems.

As a Tigo Energy customer for over a decade, SCE now uses the EI Fleet Manager to monitor system performance and manage operations and maintenance (O&M) across the more than 20,000 solar modules deployed in its fleet of customer systems by operationalizing system performance data down to the individual component and fully using customizable groupings of systems by common attributes such as equipment type, location, size, or status.

“Tigo Fleet Manager has been a game-changer for us because it provides unprecedented visibility into our customer fleet, allowing us to deliver on our system performance commitments and offering valuable new services. As our solar portfolio continues to grow, it would have been nearly impossible to consolidate the countless data points we rely on to deliver best-in-class customer service,” said Jon De Martin, CEO at SCE Energy Solutions.

Jon De Martin, Chief Executive Officer at SCE Energy Solutions
Jon De Martin, Chief Executive Officer at SCE Energy Solutions

“Beyond performance monitoring, we now have such fine-grained visibility into the hardware we have deployed that it has completely transformed our operations and maintenance. Tigo EI Fleet Manager, combined with the TS4 MLPE platform, allows us to deliver superior performance as we grow into more and larger solar systems,” Jon De Martin further added.

What does the partnership mean for SCE’s customers?

SCE Energy Solutions customer De Bortoli Wines is Australia’s 6th largest overall and second largest family winery. With the goal of 10% energy reduction per year, the winemaker engaged SCE to update and expand its optimized solar generation capacity to 1.15MW.

The new system comprises over 2,200 solar modules, including the existing ones, yielding De Bortoli Wines a system that now offers protection to first responders with rapid shutdown, Tigo optimization to protect system performance from module soiling issues common to winery operations, and module-level monitoring for detailed insight to system performance.

Through the Tigo EI Fleet Manager, SCE uses data visualizations designed to elevate what is actionable, reduce alert fatigue, and present installers with an intuitive interface that tracks vital operational, production, and consumption data across all modules at the De Bortoli site.

“We are a sustainability-driven winery with a plan to reduce our impact on the environment, and the large increases in energy costs of late only further validated the decision to expand our solar generation infrastructure,” said Tarek Heiland, Head Engineer at De Bortoli Wines.

“SCE has been a great partner throughout the process, and we are excited to have the latest Tigo technology for safety and performance. This solar system now covers 30-35% of our total energy usage in full generation, and we could not be happier about this investment.”

Tigo EI Fleet Manager supports all system sizes – including residential, commercial, and industrial solar deployments – and use cases, from large multi-system fleets to individual systems, in meeting their safety and financial goals. SCE Energy Solutions has deployed the innovative Tigo IE Fleet Manager solution across its entire portfolio of customer systems, including De Bortoli Wines, Planet Fitness, the headquarters of Komatsu Australia, and more.

What does this mean for Tigo Energy?

“We are delighted to see major solar installation companies like SCE fully exploit the power of energy data with EI Fleet Manager to improve the solar customer experience, deliver valuable new services, and streamline internal operations,” commented Zvi Alon, CEO at Tigo Energy.

Zvi Alon, Chief Executive Officer at Tigo Energy
Zvi Alon, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Tigo Energy

“As volume and fidelity of data produced by solar systems grows, so must the sophistication, speed, and ease with which that data can be turned into actionable information. Our fleet tools do that, and the installers who make full use of them create benefits for their clients and their operations. We look forward to continuing our journey with SCE as they grow their business and raise the bar for solar performance, reliability, and safety across Australia.”

From visibility into pending and in-progress installations to system and production status indicators, the EI Fleet Manager offers system diagnosis and in-depth monitoring of more than a dozen critical health and performance metrics for deployed solar systems.

With this level of visibility, Tigo EI Fleet Manager makes it easy to pinpoint and quickly deploy mitigations across devices from various vendors, from the system level down to the module.

For more about Tigo EI Fleet Manager and how solar installers like SCE Energy Solutions leverage the platform to manage growing portfolios of client installations, read the case study here. For more about SCE utilizing Tigo Flex MLPE TS4-A-O, read the case study here. To learn more about Tigo EI Fleet Manager, schedule a demo with a Tigo account manager.