Savic Motorcycles wins Victorian Premier’s Design Award of the Year

Australian designed electric motorcycle, Savic C-Series, has won the prestigious Victorian Premier’s Design Award of the Year by exceeding all four criteria for the Awards including design process, design excellence, design innovation and design impact. The Savic C-Series is Australia’s first emission-free, full-sized, high-performance electric motorcycle.

Based on the classically beautiful café racers of the 1970s, the three models offer a world-leading departure for the Aussie motorcycle industry, combining performance and minimal maintenance with the latest power conversion capabilities of modern EV technology.

What are the Victorian Premier’s Design Awards?

The Victorian Premier’s Design Awards, established in 1996, celebrate local design capability. The Awards provide an opportunity for businesses and the community to better understand the role of design in creating functional, safe and efficient products, services and spaces.

They showcase the depth of design talent and the capacity of the Victorian design industry. Bound by three principles, the Awards seek to elevate the value of design and the role of professional designers, celebrate Victorian-led design and position Victoria as a design capital.

For 25 years, the Victorian Premier’s Design Awards, the longest running and most prestigious state-based design awards, have endorsed excellence in eight fields of design; architecture, product, fashion, digital, service, strategy, communication and student design.

For the 25th anniversary, Creative Victoria commissioned Monash University academic and design historian Ian Wong, to curate an exhibition that celebrates Victoria’s design sector.

Minister for Creative Industries, Minister Danny Pearson, said “The Victorian Premier’s Design Awards celebrate Victorian designers whose products, processes and projects from the past year have used design thinking to reshape and improve the way we live, work and interact.”

“Design is about finding innovative, more sustainable ways of doing things. This year’s winners show the broad reach of the Victorian design sector and how it touches our lives.”

Why did the Savic C-Series stand out?

Chair of the Victorian Premier’s Design Awards Jury, Celina Clarke, says “The Savic C-Series has been immaculately designed. The attention to design details – from its elegant lines, handcrafted chrome and aluminium finishes right through to the design of their website and branding – it is clear this Victorian company is leading by design in everything they do.”

“Design filters through everything we do, it creates a positive experience for users at every interaction. Design influences what we think, the way we feel and the decisions we make. Design adds incredible value to any product, service, experience and business.”

“Our panel of judges were impressed with the potential of the Savic C-Series to fulfil the promise of ethical, pollution-free transport for communities, with over 80% of the vehicle, including its frame and powertrain enclosure, made from fully recyclable cast aluminium.”

The rest of the Jury’s comments mirror this achievement, stating: “The Savic C-Series represents the best of design in Victoria. This is a fine example of world class automotive design and clever engineering coming together to create a striking electric road bike.”

“The Savic C-Series combines simple and clever electric vehicle architecture and technology with the soul of a vintage cafe racer. Every detail of this product has been beautifully designed and executed. It is a true achievement, especially at a very attractive price.”

“The iconic design will help set this brand aside and has the potential to further inspire the automotive design and manufacturing sector in Australia. Products like this will help pave the way for the uptake in electric transport as our world evolves to a net zero future.”

Savic’s suite of 25kW, 40kW and 60kW motorcycles result in Australia’s first true 21st century motorbike, proof to the emerging electric revolution, which will delight riders with its power, data ‘smarts’, and stylish looks; establishing a new benchmark for design excellence.

Savic is making the dream of electric motorcycling accessible to younger, more price-conscious consumers who want to travel on an Australian-made, zero-emissions vehicle – but do not have the budget to afford an expensive high-powered bike.