Saurav Malhorta joins Bourkehood R&D tax incentive specialist team

Saurav Malhotra, Director, R&D Tax Incentives - Australia & New Zealand at BourkeHood

Saurav Malhorta brings his expertise to R&D funding firm BourkeHood. Saurav is known for the high quality of work he delivers for clients, including high returns on R&D tax incentives.

Saurav is a Registered Australian Tax Agent in Research and Development and furtherstill, a member of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand.

Why is Saurav Malhorta joining Bourkehood?

He left Deloitte and PwC after 9 years of success in both companies and was attracted to BourkeHood due to it’s personalised and specialised approach to R&D tax incentives.

BourkeHood is an R&D tax incentive firm with over 200 clients across ANZ.

The firm has four locations globally. BourkeHood services over 18 sectors and has a 100% success rate. Overall, the BourkeHood team has helped secure over 30 million in R&D benefits. 

“What I love about BourkeHood is the ability to have open, honest and transparent discussions with clients. Without being held back by bureaucracy or brand expectations,” explains Saurav.

Saurav gained valuable skills during his career at the Big 4 accounting firms.

He gained knowledge of ANZ R&D tax incentive legislation and regulatory guidance, how to manage claims from businesses of varying sizes and across a range of industries. 

“I bring valuable skills to BourkeHood, an organisation which I truly resonate with.”

“I’m passionate about helping more businesses in their start-up and scale-up stages. At BorukeHood I can focus on this, without having to worry about recovery on hourly rates.”

At BourkeHood, Saurav will provide a more optimal level of service than he was at the Big 4.

Saurav mentions that the lack of flexibility around fee structure and timing, and pressures of meeting budgets and targets were some of the drawbacks at Big 4.

This sometimes slowed down the claiming process or resulted in lower returns.

Bourkehood to harness Saurav Malhorta’s experience

Saurav has secured a portfolio of successful R&D claims for clients. These include securing $350k in funds for a new high-tech education/entertainment centre in Melbourne for kids.

This accomplishment is in addition to the phenomenal securing $150,000 in funds for a project, task and workflow management software company based in New Zealand.

“The funding for the education centre in Melbourne was particularly rewarding.”

“The organsation opened during December 2019 and revenues had taken a massive hit during the COVID lockdowns. Releasing $350k into their business was a lifeline.”

Saurav is also looking forward to working towards BourkeHood’s bigger organisational goals.

“We want to be a lead player in global R&D schemes. Also, we are continuing to build BourkeHood Group to become a one-stop-shop funding solution for innovative companies.”

“Bourkehood Group seeks to not just be the leading R&D Consultancy, but also a Lending Facility, an Online Platform for claims management, and a venture fund,” said Saurav.

BourkeHood is already on track to be a leader in the ANZ advisory markets. Saurav is also helping the firm gain a strong foothold in their other target markets like the USA and UK. 

And when we asked Saurav what the BourkeHood team culture is like?

“I enjoy the flexibility and openness. We can speak our minds to one another in the team, respectfully. This makes our work processes efficient and allows us to pay attention to detail.”

“We have a workplace of high performance, but we also have the flexibility to fulfill our goals outside of work. This makes us happier and more productive,” said Saurav.