SAP Fieldglass now in ANZ to help clients meet data sovereignty needs

Damien Bueno, President and Managing Director, SAP ANZ

SAP SE announced the in-country availability of SAP Fieldglass in Australia and New Zealand, allowing local customers to use the leading Vendor Management System (VMS) while meeting the data sovereignty requirements of the Australian and New Zealand governments.

What is the product offering of SAP Fieldglass? 

SAP Fieldglass is a cloud-based, open VMS that helps firms find, engage, manage, and pay external workers anywhere in the world. Its availability in ANZ will help clients, especially those operating in govt and regulated industries, manage the external and contingent workforces supporting their critical work in line with local data sovereignty requirements.

SAP Fieldglass will initially be available to customers in the Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) areas where Microsoft Azure is available. As the world of work rapidly evolves, SAP Fieldglass has been at the forefront of helping hundreds of the world’s largest companies transform and optimise how they find, engage, and manage external talent and contingent workforces.

SAP Fieldglass solutions help automate the end-to-end process of procuring and managing external talent, allowing clients to better manage costs by using preferred suppliers and adhering to market rates. The transparency into supplier performance enables higher quality of work, enhanced supplier collaboration and improved talent decision-making overall.

What were the executives’ thoughts on the expansion?

“We’re delighted to have signed this agreement with SAP, to give more government agencies and highly regulated industries in Australia and New Zealand the confidence to migrate their systems to the cloud, knowing their data and IT platforms meet the highest global standards for governance and security,” said Microsoft ANZ Chief Partner Officer, Vanessa Sorenson.

“Accelerating cloud adoption also enables such organisations to innovate with more services that improve the experiences of their teams, customers and stakeholders,” Vanessa added.

Commenting on the expansion, Damien Bueno, President and Managing Director, SAP Australia and New Zealand said, “Customers in government and regulated industries, including banks and financial services, utilities, transport, and telecommunications, are under increasing pressure to meet demand for highly-skilled external workers and increase workforce agility, while at the same time experiencing heightened scrutiny of supply chain assurance.”

“The legislative environment and cyber considerations in ANZ require organisations of different sizes to think about the provision of their cloud services and tech. SAP Fieldglass is now available locally through, reinforcing our commitment to provide customers with the sovereignty, security, and confidence they need from their cloud products and services.”