Sans Drinks partners with NetSuite to give its customers healthy choices

Irene Falcone, founder of Sans Drinks

Sans Drinks, Aussie’s first physical non-alcoholic bottle shop and online superstore, has selected Oracle NetSuite to support its mission to give people, healthier shopping choices.

With NetSuite, Sans Drinks will be able to take advantage of an integrated business platform to support its expanded business by unifying finance, inventory, and sales data, including all client transactions from in-store at point-of-sale to ecommerce ordering and invoicing.

What does NetSuite bring to Sans Drinks’ portfolio?

Founded in 2020, Sans Drinks is wholly focused on the alcohol-free drinks market. In addition to selling and distributing non-alcoholic beers, wines and spirits around Australia, the business has also launched its own brand product range. As it expanded its business and launched new products, Sans Drinks needed to replace its existing manual and disconnected systems, which included Xero and DEAR Inventory, to be able to efficiently meet customer demand.

To address these inefficiencies along the operations line and establish a platform for continued expansion, Sans Drinks selected NetSuite. “As an entrepreneur, one thing key I’ve learned is that having an integrated platform to manage your entire business and give you visibility into your financials is crucial if you want to succeed,” said Irene Falcone, founder of Sans Drinks.

“With NetSuite, we have been able to bring our entire business together on one platform. NetSuite has helped us increase efficiencies by automating manual processes and enabled us to gain the insights we need through robust and customisable reporting capabilities that give us confidence in the accuracy of our financials to make more informed decisions,” said Irene.

With NetSuite, Sans Drinks will also have a single business platform to manage its operations and centralise its data. The insights NetSuite provides will give Sans Drinks a real-time view into the health of its business, enable it to identify areas for new product developments, and help guide more informed decisions about its traditional retail and distribution channels.

What are NetSuite’s thoughts on the integration?

In addition, NetSuite will help Sans Drinks build its online retail store to accommodate ninety percent of its expected $10 million in sales this year with all data being integrated and managed within NetSuite. “Entrepreneurs like Irene are at the core of any thriving economy,” said Jason Toshack, general manager ANZ at Oracle NetSuite commenting on the integration.

“At NetSuite, Our mission has always been to help entrepreneurs build successful businesses and with NetSuite, Sans Drinks is in a strong position to continue its success and deliver on its ultimate mission of providing consumers with healthy drink choices,” Jason Toshack said.

Sans Drinks’ expansion plans include opening the business up to franchisees this year. Sans Drinks will be able to establish new franchises, provide franchisees with powerful business management capabilities, and offer a centralised view of the overall business seamlessly.