Sangfor aces Enterprise Network Firewall test by

Sangfor Technologies, a provider of integrated cybersecurity and cloud computing solutions powered by AI, announced that its Next-Generation Application Firewall (NGAF) earned a RECOMMENDED rating with impressive Security Effectiveness and has one of the lowest Price per Protected Mbps in Enterprise Network Firewall testing conducted by, a global non-profit committed to delivering objective testing of security product efficacy.

Why was Sangfor NGAF awarded the rating?

According to, Sangfor NGAF 5300 provides remarkable cost-effectiveness, with the lowest 3-year TCO (including product purchase, product maintenance, vendor support, etc.) and ranking a close-second for Price per Protected Mbps among all the tested firewall products. This figure is derived from a combination of its high security effectiveness, a rated throughput of 5,782 Mbps, and the low 3-year Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

This proves Sangfor NGAF’s excellent value for money, making it the top choice for businesses looking to optimize their security budget without compromising on quality.

Commenting on Sangfor’s outstanding performance, Vikram Phatak, Chief Executive Officer of, said “Sangfor Technologies has achieved consistently high ratings in testing over the past several years. They have a solid product that deserves consideration.”

How did Sangfor NGAF perform across categories?

According to, “A product rated ‘AAA’ has the highest rating assigned by CyberRatings. The product’s capacity to meet its commitments to consumers is extremely strong. A product rated ‘AA’ differs from the highest-rated products only to a small degree. The product’s capacity to meet its commitments to consumers is very strong.”

Sangfor NGAF 5300
Sangfor NGAF 5300

Once again,’s comprehensive evaluation of the Sangfor NGAF 5300 showcased the product’s exceptional performance in the key areas of Threat Prevention, SSL/TSL Functionality, Stability & Reliability, and Routing & Access Control. Additionally, the Sangfor NGAF 5300 product’s impressive AAA rating in three out of four categories underscores its ability to meet the highest standards and deliver excellent value to clients.

Threat Prevention: AA Rating

Sangfor NGAF 5300 showed efficacy in blocking vulnerability exploits and evasion techniques. It stopped 98.26% of 1724 vulnerability exploits, with a 99.4% success rate in client-initiated exploits and 97.5% in server-initiated attempts. Against 1482 evasion techniques, it blocked 100% of client-initiated evasions and 99.6% of server-initiated evasions, culminating in a 95.71% evasion effectiveness score after adjustment according to the weight of evasions.

SSL/TSL Functionality: AAA Rating

Firewalls must be able to scrutinize SSL/TSL payloads to detect malicious activity concealed by encryption. Sangfor NGAF provides complete visibility into 10/10 of the most prevalent cipher suites and prevents 5/5 weak ciphers, making it an effective tool for detecting attacks that are disguised by encryption and those that are aimed at the encryption protocols.

Stability & Reliability: AAA Rating

It is crucial for a firewall to maintain stability and security effectiveness even under hostile attack and operating under normal load. Any failure to do so could lead to successful breaches and network outages. In the case of Sangfor NGAF, the solution successfully passed all eight conditions when exposed to a constant stream of policy or protocol violations over an extended period, generating an alert for each detected attack.

Routing & Access Control: AAA Rating

Sangfor NGAF 5300 successfully passed all the routing and access control scenarios tested by These assessments included complex multiple-zone configurations that support many users, networks, policies, and applications. The successful test results demonstrate NGAF’s proficiency in managing and securing complex network environments.

What is the market offering of Sangfor Technologies?

Sangfor is at the forefront of AI-powered and integrated security technology, continuously evolving its products to make security simpler and more effective for its customers.

Sangfor NGAF is the first AI-enabled next-generation firewall, powered by Sangfor’s Engine Zero artificially intelligent malware detection engine and Neural-X AI threat intelligence platform. Engine Zero has been trained using millions of malware samples to detect unknown malware and zero-day attacks, while Neural-X TI enriches Sangfor NGAF with the latest IOCs and adversary tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) to detect emerging threats.

Sangfor takes integrated security to the next level with the Extended Detection, Defense and Response (XDDR) architecture, which seamlessly integrates Sangfor’s entire range of security products, including NGAF, Cyber CommandEndpoint Secure, and Internet Access Gateway (IAG). This holistic security systems correlates events from across the network using purpose-built AI models and responds together to contain attacks and eradicate all threats.