Sabre launches partnership with global non-profit Girls Who Code

Sabre Corporation, a software and tech provider powering the travel industry, announced a partnership with Girls Who Code (GWC), an international non-profit dedicated to closing the gender gap in tech and changing the image of what a programmer looks like and does. 

Why is Sabre’s sponsorship an invaluable resource?

Sabre’s sponsorship will help empower a generation of change-makers by supporting Girls Who Code after school clubs for 3rd to 12th graders, which seek to educate, engage and connect girls with technology in their communities. At the collegiate-level, the GWC alumni program helps women develop skills, build confidence, and connect with women in tech.  

Sabre team members will have the chance to actively engage in GWC events, community-building activities and recruitment opportunities for Sabre internships and careers.  

Sabre is committed to creating a culture of inclusion and belonging and values the diversity of our employees. Sabre’s inclusion groups, including Women In Technology and Women’s Career Network, foster an environment where employees can bring their full selves to work.

Also, Sabre’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) program has a rich history of giving back to our communities all over the world, including the support of organizations who educate and empower underrepresented and underserved groups. Full-time team members are also given one paid day, every quarter, to give time to causes and organizations they choose. 

What does the partnership mean for Sabre and GWC?

Tarika Barrett, Chief Executive Officer at Girls Who Code

“At Girls Who Code, we understand that it’s not enough to foster a passion for computer science among girls and young women. We also need to build pathways to ensure that they are given equal access to opportunities that turn their interest into lucrative and exciting careers,” commented Tarika Barrett, Chief Executive Officer of Girls Who Code.

“Our partnership with Sabre is an important step in our work to close the gender gap in tech and level the playing field for our most marginalized students,” Barrett further commented.

“As a leading technology provider for the travel industry, Sabre has a vested interest in making sure tomorrow’s brightest technologists embody the rich diversity that we need in our company,” commented Shawn Williams, Chief People Officer for Sabre Corporation.

“GWC and its focus on gender equity in engineering and other technology fields aligns with our commitment to embrace a culture where every team member has an opportunity to be successful as we work together to develop the solutions that will power the future of travel.”