Rubrik appoints industry expert Mark McLaughlin to its Board of Directors

Mark McLaughlin, Board Executive at Rubrik

Rubrik, the Zero Trust Data Security™ Company, announced it has surpassed $500m in software subscription annual recurring revenue (ARR). The company achieved a net dollar retention rate of greater than 140%, a testament to Rubrik’s ability to retain customers and expand within its customer base. Rubrik also announced the appointment of Mark McLaughlin, former Palo Alto Networks Chairman and CEO, to Rubrik’s board of directors.

What does McLaughlin bring to Rubrik in the role?

McLaughlin is a distinguished cybersecurity veteran with over 25 years of experience leading companies including Palo Alto Networks and Verisign. McLaughlin serves as chair of the board of directors for Qualcomm. McLaughlin will help support Rubrik as a leader in data security.

“Data security threats—especially ransomware—are some of the urgent challenges every CEO, board of directors, and cybersecurity leader must be prepared to face,” said McLaughlin.

“Rubrik is working to change the trajectory of the cybersecurity industry with its mission to secure the world’s data. Relying on Rubrik, governments and companies are able to deliver business resilience even in the face of the most sophisticated cyber events. I’m honoured to join Rubrik’s board and help the company maintain its leadership position in data security.”

Bipul Sinha, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder at Rubrik

“Business is booming for cybercriminals. The modern bounty of data delivers big cash payouts and the power to take down companies and governments around the world. We’re on a mission to help our customers secure their data assets. We believe we’ve never been better positioned to deliver on that mission than with a cybersecurity expert like Mark at our side,” commented Bipul Sinha, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of Rubrik.

Why is appointment a timely one?

According to the Rubrik Zero Labs State of Data Security report, IT and security leaders revealed their firm experienced 47 cyberattacks in the past year—or nearly one attack every week. With the frequency of cyberattacks unlikely to slow, firms need a holistic cybersecurity strategy to not only identify these events, but rapidly recover after an attack has happened. 

“Rubrik is a leader in data security, working to deliver fundamental business resilience to every organisation. Rubrik’s growth is a testament to its ability to secure customers’ data as cyberattacks and ransomware threats continue. With Mark joining Rubrik’s board, I’m looking forward to watching Rubrik’s next chapter,” said Vinod Khosla, Founder at Khosla Ventures.

The news comes on the heels of the appointment of John W. Thompson, former Microsoft Chairman and former Symantec CEO, as the Lead Independent Director of Rubrik’s Board.

It also marks a year of notable executive and leadership appointments, including Chris Krebs, former Director of the U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, as Chair of Rubrik’s CISO Advisory Board, Michael Mestrovich, former CISO of the CIA, as Rubrik CISO, Ghazal Asif, formerly from Google, as Vice President of Global Partners and Alliances, and Steven Stone, formerly from Mandiant, as Head of Rubrik Zero Labs.

For more information on why Mark McLaughlin joined Rubrik’s board, read his blog here