Rocketing your startup with simple and savvy digital marketing strategies

Developing and nurturing startups’ digital strategic purpose has never been as important as it is now. For many Australian start-ups and SMEs, failure to know where to begin and understand the urgency and importance are big questions they face, and often, fail to answer.

The marketing and scaling blueprint for start-ups

Leading digital marketing strategist and co-founder, Hat Media, Joana Inch,author of the newly-released Go To Market, is confident that her book will equip businesses with tools, resources and knowledge to dip their toe into digital marketing, and embrace it with vigour.

Inch says that the most common danger for startups is that they don’t take the time to work on the marketing foundations which encompass figuring out their niche, clarifying their message and building their buyer journey map and touch points.

They just dive right in with what has been sold to them as “Growth hacks”. Startup founders are forward-thinking innovators, but often fail when it’s time to go to market.

Their most significant challenge is to identify the ideal consumer for their business, clearly communicate the benefits and uncommon offering of their business and implement consistent, growth-driven campaigns that will fill a predicable recurring pipeline, according to Joana.

Strategic recommendations for digital success

In Go To Market, The Marketing and Scaling Blueprint for Start-ups, Joana guides businesses through the best practices for taking your product to market triumphantly. 

“You’ve gone through the creative process and you have a minimal viable product, so what is the next stage?  In Go To Market, I go through steps for a business to take not only to save money but invest their digital marketing spending wisely and be profitable in the process.”

Joana examines a suite of topics in Go To Market including nailing your niche, constructing your buyer journey from awareness to customer, discover the best digital marketing channels to use for your startup, creating a predictable regular pipeline, scale and then going global.

Go To Market provides proven practical and uncomplicated strategies, where startups need not feel daunted by the process but rather, have a renewed wave of enthusiasm as they dive into the market with confidence.

In the book, Joana shows that with digital marketing, you can work smarter rather than harder, with startups reaping the rewards in the short to long term.

“With more than 15 years’ experience and success in implementing these go-to market strategies, I am massively confident that they work – but you just have to invest the time to work on the process to see it convert into a winning formula.”

“I recommend that while you are heavily involved in the process, work with trusted experts who know all the nuances in the digital marketing world so you can have complete faith that your campaign will run seamlessly and successfully.”

Jarne Elleholm, Consultant at Copenhagen Life Science Advisors says “Working with startups in the pre and early commercialisation phase, I found Joana Inch’s book “Go to Market” very valuable and a good update on my knowledge, especially in digital marketing and I agree very much on the need to ‘nail your niche’.  Being many things to many people is not effective.”

“From the outset, it’s about clever planning, and embracing a robust digital marketing plan will undoubtedly elevate your business from small, inconsistent pockets of success to a steady wave of growth and exposure.”


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