RoboSense highlights Auto Shanghai 2023 with its M series LiDAR products

RoboSense, a provider of Smart LiDAR Sensor Systems, announced its M series LiDAR products, which assisted over 10 global automakers showcase nearly 20 intelligent vehicle models at the 20th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition 2023, presenting the excellent performance of their intelligent driving assistance systems to the audience.

What does the exhibition reveal about the technology?

This year’s Shanghai Auto Show brought over 1,000 exhibitors, including well-known global car companies, independent domestic car brands, new car-making forces, and automobile tech companies, using 13 indoor exhibition halls. The M series sensors were the first LiDAR in the world to achieve automotive-grade mass production. It uses a patented revolutionary chip-based 2D scanning solution that boasts supreme performance and reliability.

According to the statistics obtained by industry media, “there are 38 models equipped with LiDARs at Auto Shanghai 2023, of which RoboSense is the biggest winner, being the LiDAR supplier of 18 of them,” the brands including SAIC IM, BYD, XPeng, FAW Hongqi, GWM WEY, Chery Exeed, Geely, GAC Hyper, Lotus, etc. To date, RoboSense has earned design wins for mass production of LiDAR products for over 50 vehicle models with 18 automakers.

As the theme of this auto show, “Embracing the New Era of the Automobile Industry,” the industry is bolstering its transformation and upgrading towards electrification and intelligence.

What is the market reach of RoboSense?

This year’s Shanghai Auto Show is not only a concentrated display of product strength for the automobile industry’s intelligent transformation and upgrading, but also strong evidence of RoboSense’s efforts to accelerate the intelligent development of the automobile industry.

RoboSense has invested heavily in building world-class product development and testing capabilities, while expanding its global footprint with operational headquarters in Europe and the US. Its capabilities include intelligent manufacturing system in Southern China, along with a certified accreditation automotive-grade LiDAR laboratory, its China National Accreditation Service (CNAS) certified LiDAR lab, with over 200 advanced pieces of testing equipment.

In addition, RoboSense’s M series LiDAR ground-breaking technology has played a significant role in the intelligent transformation of the automobile industry, and the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show has demonstrated the excellent performance of intelligent driving assistance systems, showcasing the automotive industry’s progress towards electrification and intelligence.