RoboSense launches North American hub to build global ecological layout

RoboSense, a provider of Smart LiDAR Sensor Systems announced RoboSense North America Headquarters established in Plymouth, Michigan, USA. Peipei Zhao, Vice President of Strategy who represented the RoboSense Headquarters, Ken English, RoboSense Sr. Director of Automotive Business, Kurt Heise, Plymouth Township Supervisor, and Luz Meza, Wayne County Director of Economic Development attended the ceremony and delivered speeches.

Representatives from the Charter Township of Plymouth, Plymouth Community Chamber of Commerce, Wayne County Economic Development Department, Michigan Economic Development Corporation, Michigan Department of Transportation, and from North American car companies that RoboSense is working with, jointly witnessed the opening ceremony.

Why is the headquarters critical for RoboSense?

The headquarters are a vital cornerstone for RoboSense to build the North American industrial ecology. RoboSense will integrate the industrial advantages of Michigan in the field of automobile and parts manufacturing, penetrate into the ecological structure of the domestic automobile industry in the US, focus on the localized manufacturing and large-scale application of LiDAR, and build a multi-dimensional market strategy and cooperation ecology.

In addition, RoboSense’s North American headquarters will form a joint force with its branch in San Jose, California, focusing on the mass production and market application of RoboSense LiDAR solutions, and will continue to collaborate with local companies, and continuously develop cooperation between upstream and downstream of the industrial chain.

RoboSense will rely on innovation and mass production capabilities to bring more accurate and reliable smart LiDAR products. RoboSense looks forward to providing consumers in North America and the world with safer, convenient and comfortable smart driving experience.

At the opening ceremony, Mark Qiu, co-founder and executive president of RoboSense, commented: “This grand opening is a vital milestone in the development of RoboSense.”

“It shoulders the strategic mission of providing high-quality products and services for the automotive industry in North America. As a fundamental company goal, we will always pursue innovation and keep promoting the advancement of mobility. We look forward to the new collaboration opportunities enabled by this key company milestone,” Qiu further said.

What were the stakeholders’ thoughts on RoboSense?

Ken English, Sr. Director Automotive Business, RoboSense North America headquarters delivered a speech at the opening ceremony: “We are very excited to deliver our innovative solutions to the North American automotive market, and I would like to stress the commitment of manufacturing our M-series automotive grade LiDAR here in the US.”

Plymouth Township Supervisor Kurt Heise welcomed RoboSense to the community by stating “We have a very aggressive economic development effort. We have tremendous growth opportunities in the Plymouth Township community which I think is going to be important for RoboSense because I know you are going to grow and to be successful,” Heise commented.

“You have come to Wayne County, and more importantly you have come to Plymouth Township. Just drive around and you will see that this is the center of automotive innovation.”