River City Labs partners with empire group to establish RegTech Qld

River City Labs partners with empire group to establish RegTech Qld

River City Labs has partnered with empire group to put RegTech into focus for Queensland.

Bringing together the talented community of like minded professionals and innovators, RegTech Qld closes the gap on tech innovation in the Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) domains across industries.

“empire group is passionate about leading the way. RegTech is a vital regulatory function that impacts the way organization’s manage governance, risk and compliance.

empire group is delighted to partner with River City Labs to shine a bright light on RegTech in Queensland,” said Michelle Sneesby, Founder and Managing Partner of empire group.

McCullough Robertson’s Ben Wood expressed “whilst Queensland and Brisbane can occasionally be overlooked as a financial services hub, as compared to Sydney or Melbourne, it’s in fact home to a number of excellent financial institutions and boutique financial services providers. 

With the ever-increasing regulatory and compliance requirements within the financial services sector, it is great to see a purpose-built program at River City Labs, operating in Queensland, to support these entities through a specific focus and development of RegTech.”

What’s next for RegTech Qld?

RegTech Qld will kick off the last quarter of this year with digital events hosted by River City Labs and sponsored by empire group, inviting key innovators, investors, GRC professionals and technologists to collaborate on the opportunity to grow the local community in Queensland.

Subsequent events will look at domain focused topics such as Anti-Money Laundering, which in 2020 has seen an increased focus with a global move towards digital transactions.

With much more to come and the growing opportunity for entrepreneurs and professionals to combat the increased cost of compliance through technologies.

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