River City Labs celebrates ten years of supporting Aussie’s top startups

Pauline Fetaui, Manager of River City Labs

River City Labs, Australia’s home for tech innovators and passionate entrepreneurs, has celebrated its tenth anniversary of helping the nation’s leading startups grow and succeed with a gala event at Brisbane’s Cloudland. During RCL’s ten years, over 800 entrepreneurs have called the Labs home while bringing together entrepreneurs, investors, and gov’t.

What is the market offering of River City Labs?

Over 30,000 guests have attended RCL events. Acquired by the Australian Computer Society in 2018, River City Labs powers a range of programs and engagement opportunities, aiding partners to innovate and embed their teams within the Queensland start-up community.

One of River City Labs leading projects, Startup Catalyst, grew into a sister business and this year celebrates its eighth birthday since it first took emerging Technologists to Silicon Valley. 

What were the executives’ thoughts on the milestone?

Siobhan Casey, ACS Head of Innovation, paid tribute to the Lab’s success, commenting: “It’s a great privilege to be involved with such an exciting group of entrepreneurs and innovators. It’s great to be working with the businesses that are going to define our future.”

“River City Labs has been such a wonderful success that we’ve expanded our innovation footprint in Sydney and Melbourne, but RCL itself still remains very much a proud Queensland focused venture that looks to take the state’s best technology startups to the world.”

Pauline Fetaui, Manager of River City Labs, said: “‘Since joining in 2019, it has been a privilege to watch the growth of Aussie’s tech sector through the action of tenacious entrepreneurs.” 

“It’s an even bigger thrill to see the success of 10 years in the ecosystem with River City Labs first Member, Cohort Go announcing last week its acquisition by Flywire in the USA.”