Riskified and Novatti team up to provide secure payment solutions

Tasneen Padiath, General Manager and Vice President Sales, APAC at Riskified

Riskified, Ltd. a fraud management platform enabling frictionless eCommerce, has announced an exclusive partnership with Novatti Group, a digital payments company that enables businesses to pay and be paid. By utilising Riskified’s premier Chargeback Guarantee offering, Novatti becomes the first and only online card processor in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region to offer one hundred percent protection for fraudulent chargebacks to businesses. 

What were the executives’ thoughts on the partnership?

“We are excited to partner with an established FinTech like Novatti to enable businesses to maximise online sales and provide a superior customer experience while digitally transforming their companies,” said Tasneen Padiath, Riskified’s General Manager and VP Sales, APAC.

“eCommerce businesses face a host of challenges as they scale, ranging from complexities of cross-border expansion to the changing patterns of fraud, and Riskified is there to help.”

“We are delighted to partner with Riskified and to bring their insights and experience in fraud prevention to our community,” said Kian Jackson, GM, Merchant Acquiring at Novatti.

“Thanks to Riskified’s fraud prevention tech, we are able to assist eCommerce businesses who are facing high volumes of chargebacks and low approval rates due to the friction caused by legacy fraud solutions. This partnership will allow businesses to reduce fraud costs and gain higher approval rates, placing them in a better position to take on challenges.”

What does the combined offering mean for clients?

Headquartered in Australia and with global operations in 58 countries, Novatti enables businesses and individuals to make payments safely through cross-border transfers, digital wallets and vouchers. In partnership with Riskified, Novatti can now shift liability around payments away from its businesses, helping them to minimise risk, reduce operational costs and lift revenue, as well as allowing them to expand globally without the fear of fraud.

Riskified is a machine learning platform that leverages a global merchant network to provide automated risk-based decisioning throughout the customer journey, minimising fraud and maximising net revenue for eCommerce merchants. The platform serves over 400 million shoppers in over 180 countries and captures over 100 different data points per transaction.

Novatti incorporated Riskified’s Chargeback Guarantee into their platform which results in a compelling offering for businesses who are better armed to grow their online presence