Rimini Street selects Tokyo for 2023 $50,000 RMNI LOVE Grant Program

Yorio Wakisaka, General Manager for Japan at Rimini Street

Rimini Street, Inc., a global provider of enterprise software products and services, the third-party support provider for Oracle and SAP software products, and a Salesforce partner, announced that it has selected Tokyo to host this year’s $50,000 RMNI LOVE Grant Program, Rimini Street’s charitable program that provides financial contributions and promotion assistance to charities and firms that align with its values and mission.

What is the RMNI LOVE Grant Program?

Rimini Street launched the inaugural RMNI LOVE Grant Program in 2022 in Las Vegas, by granting five local charities $10,000 each. The charities were invited to share stories during a special reception held at the firm’s Las Vegas office, with members of the community and Rimini Street colleagues in attendance. Highlights of the event can be found here.

Honoring the Company’s “Follow-the-Sun” model of customer support, which allows for cases to always be looked after by dedicated engineers until they are resolved, the RMNI LOVE Grant Program set its sights towards the Asia Pacific region for 2023.

Commenting on the program, Yorio Wakisaka, Rimini Street’s General Manager of Japan, said, “The Company selected Tokyo as the 2023 host of the program, recognizing and celebrating Rimini Street’s rich history and continued success in Japan. With hundreds of well-established clients and a growing team of extraordinary talent, we are excited to share our RMNI LOVE with the charities who empower the communities we live and work in.”

The RMNI LOVE Grant Program is part of Rimini Street’s annual RMNI LOVE Month Program, which takes place during the month of February. Colleagues are encouraged to share their gratitude for the core values of Rimini Street, known as the 4C’s – Company, Clients, Colleagues, and Community – by sending messages of appreciation via emails, comments on the Company’s internal communication platform, and social media.

How can one apply for the RMNI LOVE Grant Program?

Govt-certified charities in Tokyo and nearby regions can apply for 1 of 5 $10,000 grants via the Rimini Street RMNI LOVE website. Additional details can be found on the page, along with sections where charities can share their stories and impact on the community.

The program started accepting nominations on February 15, 2023, and will close submissions on March 10, 2023. All submissions will be reviewed, vetted, and voted on by the Global Steering Committee of Rimini Street’s charitable program, the Rimini Street Foundation, representing the diverse culture and background of the Company’s workforce.

The Rimini Street Foundation has partnered with and supported nearly 450 global charitable organizations. Learn more about Rimini Street’s philanthropic program here.