Rimini Street Korea earns Great Place to Work® certification again

Hyungwook Kevin Kim, Regional General Manager, Korea at Rimini Street
Hyungwook Kevin Kim, Regional General Manager, Korea at Rimini Street

Rimini Street, a provider of end-to-end enterprise software support, products and services, the third-party support provider for Oracle and SAP software, and a Salesforce and AWS partner, has earned the Great Place to Work Korea certification for the second straight year.

The announcement builds on Rimini Street’s rich history of employer excellence recognition which includes Top Workplace USA and Great Place to Work certifications across the United States, Australia and New Zealand, EMEA and Japan, India and the United Kingdom.

What is the mission behind Great Place to Work?

Great Place to Work is globally recognized for its rigorous, data-based model that quantifies employee experience. Over the past 30+ years, Great Place to Work has surveyed over 100 million employees, with “trust” found to be the heart of what makes a great workplace.

Great Place to Work’s Trust Model™ serves as the foundation for the Trust Index Survey’s 60 questions that measure employee satisfaction. The Trust Model consists of five dimensions:

  • Credibility
  • Respect
  • Fairness
  • Pride
  • Camaraderie

Surveyed firms who show outstanding performance in these areas have a greater ability to attract and retain a highly engaged, high-performance workforce that is critical to growth.

Why did Rimini Street Korea get certified again?

According to Great Place to Work research, “connecting employees with meaningful work leads to increased retention, innovation, employee engagement, employee well-being and revenue.” The results of Rimini Street Korea’s survey show that 100% of its regional employees feel their work is meaningful, taking pride in what they do and why.

“At Rimini Street, we are on a mission to provide extraordinary technology solutions powered by extraordinary talent. We are relentless in our promise to deliver extraordinary to our thousands of clients across the world, and the work we do empowers the economy, communities and people. Proud is an understatement in being recognized for our shared purpose and results,” said Hyungwook (Kevin) Kim, General Manager of Rimini Street Korea.

Other findings of the survey

Additional results from the survey reveal:

  • 92% overall employee satisfaction rating, a significant contrast to the country’s average score of 56%
  • 97% of employees are enthused with the many activities to celebrate big and small things
  • 97% said they are treated fairly regardless of age, sexual orientation or race
Seth Ravin, President and CEO at Rimini Street
Seth A. Ravin, Chief Executive Officer of Rimini Street

“There is no substitute for a strong culture of trust and togetherness. We strive to uphold the values that are the backbone of our firm’s success, always taking into equal consideration the impact to the 4C’s of Rimini Street – Company, Clients, Colleagues and Community – when making business decisions,” commented Seth Ravin, President and CEO at Rimini Street.

Rimini Street’s Extraordinary Programs Support Extraordinary Culture

Attracting and retaining top talent that produces “extraordinary” results is critical to the firm’s continued growth. To meet that objective, Rimini Street continues to offer new programs designed to ensure highest performance and engagement from its workforce, including:

  • The new four-day, flexible workweek piloted in the second half of 2022 to provide greater work-life balance and now available throughout 2023
  • New and improved learning and development program to invest in the professional growth and capabilities of its workforce
  • The launch of Peakon, an anonymous employee engagement platform that helps the company continually listen, measure, track, learn, and succeed by analyzing proven drivers of employee satisfaction

Grow your career at a company that puts its people first. Visit Rimini Street’s career page.