Ridiculously Delicious launches new exciting peanut butter product range

An Australian peanut butter brand is launching four exciting new products this month.

Ridiculously Delicious, an Aussie-founded and manufactured brand, boasts a natural range of premium peanut butter and peanut snack foods, made using 100% Australian peanuts grown around the ‘peanut capital’ of Kingaroy in Queensland.

Ridiculously Delicious products have been a staple in Aussie pantries since its inception.

What is Ridiculously Delicious all about?

Founded by Australian entrepreneurs Ben and Kate Dutton, the brand features a delectable line of Aussie-made peanut butter products, including peanut butter cookie chips, peanut butter bars, and its range of traditional peanut butter in smooth and crunchy varieties. 

Each Ridiculously Delicious product contains locally sourced ingredients and is manufactured in Australia, enabling the brand to continuously support local Australian producers while ensuring the highest quality products across its range.

The brand will add two new lines and four new products to its popular product range. 

Ridiculously Delicious Chocolate Peanut Butter which is a blend of Australian peanuts and rich, dark chocolate, will launch in two varieties; Original Crunch and Organic Coconut.

The Organic Coconut variety is a mix of dark chocolate and toasted shredded organic coconut.

Ridiculously Delicious Peanut Brittle is handmade to perfection with Australian golden-roasted peanuts, resulting in a satisfyingly crunchy snack, with a salted, buttery caramel flavour.

The brittle uses locally sourced peanuts and sugar cane, supporting Australian producers.

Peanut butter fanatics will enjoy the newest member of the brand’s traditional peanut butter range, with the introduction of Ridiculously Delicious Crazy Crunch Peanut Butter.

Made using the brand’s signature blend of 100% Australian, golden-roasted peanuts and a dash of Murray River salt, this variety is a super crunchy alternative to its original chunky crunch peanut butter, featuring 20% more crunch.

Commentary from Ridiculously Delicious

Ben Dutton, Co-Founder and MD of Ridiculously Delicious says, “We’re excited to expand our range of peanut butter products, particularly as we approach a decade in business.”

“We’re fortunate to continue offering Aussies high quality products and satisfy their love for peanut butter with our new range of chocolate peanut butter spreads, peanut brittle and a crunchier version of our traditional peanut butter, which was our first product to be launched.”

“We go beyond traditional peanut butter products and offer products across multiple categories, showcasing Australian peanuts and peanut butter in an entirely new way.”

“Ridiculously Delicious is an Australian brand and continues to excel in all areas of business.”

“The crux of the brand is to showcase and champion local Aussie producers and we’re proud to continue to do this, even as the brand grows and expands beyond our original range.”

“Having our products available in both large and small independent grocers across the country has also helped further position Ridiculously Delicious as a premium, high-quality brand.”

Products are available in independent supermarkets and grocers like Harris Farm, IGAs, selected Foodworks, health food shops and premium independent green grocers.