Rialto Markets and Medtech Summit have created an exciting partnership

Rialto Markets will support the summit at Dana Point, from March 15th – 18th 2022, connecting high growth Medtechs with potential investors via Life Science Intelligence (LSI).

LSI’s USA ’22 Emerging Meditech Summit provides Medtech start-ups with the opportunity to present their medical devices such as robotics, artificial intelligence, mobile health, neurostimulation, neuromodulation and nanotechnology to venture capital funds, private equity funds, SPACs and strategic investors so that both parties can deal-make and collaborate.

Past event successes include Cala Health, which developed a non-invasive prescription therapy for essential tremor, raised $77 million, while miniaturized surgical robot for colon resection developers Virtual Incision raised $46m in its series C capital raise close in November 2021.

The 2022 United States of America event will be held at Monarch Beach Resort at Dana Point, which is LSI’s most prominent venue yet to accommodate the growing attendance demands.

The summit has also formed this new high-profile partnership with fintech and innovative broker-dealer company Rialto Markets, which help support exciting private market companies.

Rialto Markets and LSI’s shared mission

Rialto Markets raises capital via exempt primary offerings as investors trade their shares on the FINRA and SEC regulated ATS secondary trading platform for private company shares.

Shari Noonan, the CEO and Co-Founder of Rialto Markets expounded on the partnership.

“Both LSI and Rialto Markets share missions to provide private market Medtech start-ups the opportunity to raise capital, so it’s a privilege to partner with them for this event.”

Scott Pantel, the President and Chief Executive Officer at LSI expressed his excitement about the partnership. “It’s great to have Rialto Markets as partners for our 2022 USA summit.”

“The approach of Rialto Markets in aiming to transform the private securities market is fascinating and ties in with what LSI aims to achieve with each Emerging MedTech event.”

Rialto Markets to help Medtechs achieve early investment

Noonan said, “We have seen successful crowdfunding while using a combination of Regulation CF and Regulation A+, as companies develop their growth plan but still stay private.”

“Many start-up companies, including those within the Medtech sector are struggling to make the jump that is needed from early investment to raising larger amounts of capital.”

Our regulated secondary trading ATS allows retail and accredited investors to participate in early-stage higher growth private companies, but also allows Medtechs to offer their investors an option to realize value much earlier than previously possible as a private company.”

“This regulated secondary trading also provides more investor flexibility within booming sectors such as Medtech as well as increased control for the issuer over their raise.”

Rialto Markets to help Medtechs stay private longer

The USA’s Private Securities market has transformed ever since the JOBS Act went live in 2016.

Companies can now raise $5 million a year through Reg CF crowdfunding and $75 million through Reg A+ before going on to the much larger institutional Reg D investment offerings.

This transformation is thus expected to revolutionize investment into the growing Medtech market and facilitate allowing health tech companies to stay private for a longer time.

Marketing and consultancy provider, Fortune Business Insights forecast the medical devices market individually to grow from $455.34bn in 2021 to $657.98bn in 2028 at a CAGR of 5.4%.

Investment and data monitoring platform Pitchbook predicts that personalized medicine start-ups will receive record VC investment in 2022 and reported $20bn in VC investment annually into Life Sciences over the last three years, with over $44 billion already deployed in 2021.

Rialto Markets has already successfully signed contracts that are worth close to $1 billion for 2022 alone to raise capital as well as access its leading ATS secondary trading platform.