rf IDEAS and IDmelon join hands to launch FIDO2 credential solution

rf IDEAS, a world-renown manufacturer of credential readers for authentication and logical access, has announced its rf IDEAS FIDO2 Passwordless Platform powered by IDmelon.

What does the solution mean for the industry?

This solution brings seamless, passwordless authentication to the existing credentials by converting them to FIDO2 security keys. Nearly 90% of data breaches are due to stolen passwords or human error. Passwordless single-sign on solutions are helping to combat this and migrating to more secure credentials helps arm your team with a defense mechanism.

The rf IDEAS FIDO2 Passwordless Platform eliminates the need for centrally stored passwords that can be hacked, and the risk of password theft, phishing and other user-directed cyberattacks. And for users, it’s simple to roll out and easy to use. Firms can now manage passwordless authentication across credential types, devices and platforms.

This growing industry standard is supported by Microsoft, Google, Apple, and all leading web services. The logical access control industry is evolving to combat data breaches while improving the user experience of authentication without risking governance and security.

What does this mean for IDmelon and rf IDEAS?

Bahram Piri, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of IDmelon

“Partnering with rf IDEAS, and their WAVE ID® technology was a strategic decision for IDmelon – leveraging the trust and reliability of their readers to bring the FIDO2 Passwordless Platform to market allows us to jointly deliver an end-to-end solution that organizations can deploy quickly and scale affordably,” said CEO and co-founder of IDmelon Bahram Piri.

“At rf IDEAS, we have listened to our clients and are proud to release a solution that removes the complexities of credential migration, converting users quickly and securely to a higher standard of security,” commented Raul Cepeda Jr., VP of Product and Marketing at rf IDEAS.

“Access via security keys is possible using existing credentials, WAVE ID readers, and the rf IDEAS Passwordless Platform – evolving the way we think about migration across credentials by leveraging ID badges to unlock potential to more secure authentication methods.”

rf IDEAS and IDmelon will be showcasing their joint solution at the upcoming Gartner IAM symposiums in London and Texas this month – to see a full listing of upcoming events visit our Events Page. To learn more and set up a 1:1 consultation, visit the website.