Renovatio secures $20m mega expansion deal with Woolworths

Dr. Vincent Candrawinata, Founder of Renovatio Bioscience

Renovatio Bioscience, a success story by Dr Vincent, a respected antioxidant researcher, food scientist and clinical nutritionist, has secured a deal with Woolworths to expand its range and introduce three new products: a skincare product, Renovatio APSKIN Ultra Serum and two new Renovatio supplements, Renovatio Mental Resilience and Renovatio Skin Remedy.

What are the specifics of the new Woolworths deal?

The national supermarket chain be stocking its shelves with the new products in 1000 of its stores Australia-wide from April 2022. The deal is tipped to be around $20m in value and will see the brand expand its range stocked across Woolworths stores from 5 to 8 products.

The latest products have been developed as Woolworths ‘exclusive products’ ensuring the food and grocery retailer is able to offer its customers the products on an exclusive basis.

“We are thrilled to extend our partnership with Woolworths to introduce our new Renovatio ‘Mental Resilience’ and ‘Skin Remedy’ supplements, and luxury skin care product, APSKIN Ultra Serum. The past two and a half years have been an absolute whirlwind,” Dr Vincent said.

“We are grateful to Woolworths for backing us and to all of the Woolies clients that have made our products a staple in their monthly shopping. The sales and response to Renovatio has been out of this world which saw the brand among the top performer in the category.”

“This new deal means more people can access the broader Renovatio range. We have already started shipping our new products to around 1000 of Woolworths’ national stores.”

What makes Renovatio an industry standout?

Renovatio produces the popular range of Activated Phenolics, considered the world’s most potent source of antioxidants. Renovatio products are made from 100% Australian apples.

The products are considered superior because of their unique scientifically developed and patented production methodology, which involves the extraction and activation of the apple’s antioxidant ingredients, and the body’s ability to absorb up to 97% of their goodness.

Launched over six years ago, Renovatio has grown quickly amassing a large following both within Australia and overseas. Renovatio products are exported to over 10 countries and can be found in many supermarket, health food, and pharmacy shelves throughout the country.

Renovatio first launched in the multinational retail chain, Woolworths, in April 2020 with their iconic ‘Activated Phenolics’ powder and An Apple A Day ‘Activated Phenolics’ tablets, later on adding Immunity Plus tablets and its skincare products, Renovatio APSKIN Hand and Body Ultra Antioxidant Cream and Renovatio APSKIN Face Ultra Antioxidant Cream, in 2020.

“Our APSKIN range has been developed using our tech which combines the most potent antioxidants extracted from Australian apples with the highest quality restorative ingredients to deliver broad spectrum cellular protection to support skin health.” Dr Vincent said.

What are the new products lined up for Woolworths?

According to Vincent, products were developed in consultation with Woolworths and are expected to be very popular. “Like other parts of our body, our skin needs support at a cellular level to regenerate and maintain optimum health. APSKIN contains intensive anti-ageing properties, is vegan friendly, not tested on animals and is free of harmful ingredients.”

“APSKIN Ultra Serum is an intensive blend of Activated Phenolics and peptides to ensure optimal hydration, collagen synthesis and inflammation reduction. The serum supports increased skin firmness and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also provides protection from UVA induced photoaging, blue light irradiation and environmental stress.”

“The Renovatio Skin Remedy supplements contain active ingredients to support healthy skin structure. The product will reduce the occurrence of acne and pimples, assist with eczema and dermatitis and relieve skin inflammation.  Renovatio Skin Remedy supports skin health from the inside while APSKIN creams and serum support skin health from the outside.”

“The Renovatio Mental Resilience supplements fortify and strengthen mental resilience. Our formulation is scientifically proven to greatly improve mood disorders such as tension, anger, fatigue and confusion. People feel the positive difference in as little as two weeks.”

What is Renovatio’s history?

Renovatio Bioscience was founded by Dr Vincent in 2016 following his breakthrough discovery while undertaking antioxidant research at the University of Newcastle.

Dr Vincent developed a laboratory technique to extract the world’s most potent antioxidants ‘activated phenolics’ from Australian apples and other produce using only water. His work solved an issue, which had been perplexing scientists all over the world for nearly 80 years.

Dr Vincent patented and translated his innovative work into a range of ‘turbo charged’ health and wellness products to help people access the world’s most potent antioxidants in an ‘easy to consume’ form. Products in the Renovatio range include:

The entire Renovatio range can be purchased online at