ReCo launches hyperlocal refill delivery for eco-friendly brands

Danling Xiao and Anett Petrovics, Co-Founders of Reco Refill

ReCo, a hyperlocal refill delivery service, has officially launched services across metro Sydney.

Danling Xiao and Anett Petrovics aim to help Australians transform the way they consume daily products that rely on plastic with a solution based on reusables and not just recyclables. 

ReCo is an impact-driven enterprise

Working with Lismore-based eco brand SimplyClean, ReCo delivers two of SimplyClean’s top sellers, lemon myrtle laundry powder and dishwasher powder, in reusable glass jars.

When finished, the jars get collected, refilled and delivered by ReCo and their logistic partner.

Every ReCo refill prevents using a plastic bottle. The refill model also helps reduce carbon emissions that would be produced in the process of transportation and recycling.

Being in stealth mode of trialling, testing, and validating the service, ReCo has generated over 250 clients organically through word of mouth and 75% have been returning customers.

Already, ReCo has saved over 1,000 plastic containers from being produced. 

Commentary on the launch of Reco refilling

“The linear economy system needs to change to tackle the waste and climate crisis.”

“Only 9% of all plastic waste ever produced has been recycled. Almost half of the world’s greenhouse gases come from the making, transporting, and consuming of products.”

“Adopting a refill model is a no-brainer, but the challenge is how do we make the transition as easy as possible for the supply chain, including the consumers.”

“That’s why ReCo exists. To disrupt, without too much disruption,” Danling explains. 

Anett joined Danling at ReCo after being made redundant during the pandemic. “The pandemic created a lot of uncertainty and made us reflect on the way we live, work and consume.”

“Its a reminder to have clarity about work and to create a better future. Instant scalability and the total addressable market often determine whether a business idea is worth investing in.”

“To build a truly sustainable future, we need to overlook the conventional linear system.”

“We’re proud to have bootstrapped our way to make part of our vision come true. Now our mission is to scale up our circular model while staying true to our principles,” said Anett.

Boomerang Labs mentoring Reco founders

Organisations like Boomerang Labs which is Australia’s first circular economy accelerator provided the ReCo founders with mentorship to support their entrepreneurial development.

Anna Minns, CEO of Boomerang Labs said, “Danling and Anett are great examples of emerging entrepreneurs who are transforming how consumers purchase and utilise products.”

“ReCo as a business is a bridge to transform our economy to a sustainable way of life.”

ReCo’s plans for the next 12 months include expanding its product range, brand partners and delivery areas. To express interest in ReCo’s service in your area, contact

Deputy Lord Mayor of Sydney, Jess Scully has been a proud supporter of ReCo’s hyperlocal approach to combating climate change and enabling behavioural change in the community.

“Its hard for individuals or households to know how to reduce plastic use particularly during the pandemic, which has reduced access to many recycling or bulk goods providers.”

“ReCo solves this problem by providing a service, not just a great product. The contactless home delivery drop off is a wonderful solution for a particularly difficult time,” said Jess.